Summer is coming and it is time to prepare yourself for many outdoor activities. Summertime is the season for diverse family outings, family travels, hot, lazy afternoons, and the late summer nights. For many of us, summer brings a relocation from college or getting ready to migrate back up north from the winter home. For others, summer brings some changes in our home where we need to find a place for items we are using during this season of the year. If you have any space issues, storage facilities Chicago are where you could find a proper solution. Additionally, we are here to help you prepare your items for summer storage and get enough space inside your home. Your belonging will be safe and ready for the new winter season while you are having enough space inside your home all summer long.

How to clean, declutter and prepare your items for summer storage

Don’t know how to organize your space and prepare your items for summer storage? Our US Moving Experts will provide you with tips and tricks on this task. If you don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. Preparing for summer always includes creating space in our houses for all the extra activities and people that somehow tag along with summer. For example, for businesses, it means changing out seasonal stock or storing all the displays you had over the winter season.

How to Prepare Your Items for Summer Storage
It is time for items you use during the summer months.

Anyway, it is time for putting away all that heavy, puffy winter gear and swapping it for all the light, floral summer wear. But how to prepare your boots, hoodies’ scarves and winter jackets sandals for summer storage? While you are wearing sun hats, dresses, and shirts your winter clothes should be stored in a safe place. Regardless of the situation and the quantity of your belonging, you will have to find a storage space that will fit your needs.

Before you find a storage unit, declutter and clean everything

As summer approaches you need to decide what to store until next winter. Your decision about items you should store will be easier if you sort winter items and do some cleaning. If you don’t know how to declutter before a move, we can help you with that too. So our high recommendation is to get rid of unneeded items first. Secondly, make sure to wash all clothes and clean released surfaces. As you go through things, you will realize what is the size of the storage unit you want. Maybe closet to room size will be enough? Otherwise, perhaps you will need to rent the storage unit such as spacious garage size. Also, high temperatures during the summer may require climate-controlled storage spaces to avoid moisture buildup.

Seasonal storage items

Here are the most common seasonal items kept in storage units:

  • Winter shirts, pants, and boots. Learn how to prepare your winter items for summer storage.
  • Coats and Jackets
  • Special materials and equipment
  • Snowboards
  • Skis
  • Snow boots
  • Snowshoes
  • Ice Skates
Your snowboards will have to wait until next winter.

How to prepare your clothes for Summer storage?

How to keep your heavy, dark, feathered winter coat in safe until next winter? As summer coming, it is time to put it in storage. When storing your clothes, remember that you first need to remove anything that could be in the pockets. Leftover sweets or bubble gum melting in your pocket with the summer heat for over half the year? You don’t what that to happen.

Winter clothes
It will be better to keep your clothes folded instead of hanging up.

If you ask our long-term storage experts, they will give you a few simple advice. It is highly recommended to dust and clean winter items before you start packing. Moreover, all clothes you want to store should be washed before it arrives at the storage. Any dirt, sweat, or whatever else should not be left on stored clothes. Otherwise, that dirt can attract unwanted creatures and get permanently stained. Also, if you didn’t know, clothes store better when they are folded instead of when they are hung. Folding minimizes the stretching of fabric over the months.

Special Materials

Leather shoes, purses, and jackets should be cleaned and rubbed with conditioning oil. If you want to prevent drying and cracking on your leather items, this is the best way to prepare them for storage. Fur requires staying cool, so the climate-controlled environment is a proper solution if it is possible. Wool should be professionally dry cleaned before you pack it for storage. Purchase a breathable garment bags or boxes from Amazon to store your wool pieces. When you prepare your wool clothes it is best to use cedar blocks instead of mothballs to keep away moths and insects. Also, materials such as cotton, rayon, and synthetics should be properly cleaned and folded in breathable garment bags or boxes. In the end, when it comes to the preparation of special materials, make sure to gather proper supplies.

Your leather items require extra attention

Prepare your winter sports equipment for summer storage

If you want to prepare your pieces for summer storage properly, you need to have appropriate supplies. Just like when preparing your clothes for storage, when it comes to your equipment, you need to store it with caution. Items such as snowboards, skis, and all other winter equipment have to be cleaned up before storage. Unluckily, this does not just about entail wiping them down with a damp cloth. It requires more effort and time you will need to take to prepare your items well. From cleaning the surfaces, sanding or sharpening the edges, putting on a fresh coat of wax to prevent drying out to the storing them. Unquestionably, you will need to pack them in bags or sheets to keep off dust and also prevent rusting or warping. Remember, always store your winter sports equipment upright and on soft surfaces such as rugs or towels.

 Create an inventory list of all items

Prepare your items for summer storage by creating an inventory list that includes all items. When storing things long-term, very soon you will forget what you put in the boxes and you may look for it at home. An inventory list of everything you put in the storage unit will keep you from forgetting. So when you do go back to pull things out, you can refer to your inventory list.

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