Finding a safe and reliable storage facility could be challenging. Just like finding a good and reliable moving company. Renting storage is the right solution when you need extra space. But also while you are in transition between cities and need a temporary place to store your items. No matter if you renting storage while apartments are bought and sold or while you choosing a neighborhood. But it does matter how you are going to prepare your items for storage. For sure there is a difference between in a way how you are going to pack for long term storage vs. short term storage. In both cases, you need to be careful while preparing materials and supplies before packing. With simple tips and tricks, we will remind you of the best ways how to prepare your items for storage.

Make a plan for how to prepare your items for storage

Our team is composed of some of the best moving experts in the USA. Since we got an experience and knowledge of moving, you can completely rely on Moving Experts US. So we wanted to offer these tips to help you properly prepare your items for placement into short, or long-term storage. Whether your belongings will be in storage for two months, or a couple of years, ensure your things are safely placed within your storage unit. Make sure they are packaged and protected well if you want to avoid any damages.

Create an inventory list of all items

Every moving brings a hurry and hustle. As a consequence, it will be easy to forget what you put into storage. Instead of wasting time, ensure to create an inventory list. The list should contain all of the items you plan to store. Keep a copy for yourself and leave one inside the storage unit. Whenever you need to go to pull things out, you’ll have your inventory list right in front of you. Generally, besides an inventory list, it is recommendable to create your list of important moving documents before moving day. Each of these lists will save you from stress. This will make you feel how important is to stay organized.

Make a plan how to prepare your items for storage
Write down your plans, it will help you to stay organized.

Label boxes clearly

Label boxes clearly with what room they belong in. Additionally, write clearly what is in and if they are fragile. After this, it will be easy for you to create an inventory list accordingly to labeled boxes. In order to prepare your items for storage, following those steps could be precious. It will save you not only from a headache but also from wondering where your belongings are.

Moving box
Labeling boxes properly will save you time.

Clean and vacuum belongings

Very important is that you thoroughly clean all items before placing them in a storage unit. Unquestionably, if they are clean from the beginning, they’ll be much less likely to smell bad. Wipe down all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaning spray and clean appliances with disinfectant wipes. So start with your cleaning because it is the best way to prepare your items for storage. It is equally important, no matter if you are preparing for the short term or long term storage.  Do you want to take risks about moisture in your storage unit? Of course, you don’t, so lay down plastic sheeting before bringing boxes. This will keep moisture from creeping into boxes and furniture of the concrete.

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