There are many types of services and storage Chicago has to offer that you can pick from. And among them, not all are 100% pest-proof. So you might want to take some packing measures in order to pest-proof your storage. This is not needed for all types of storage. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Why do these situations occur?

It’s really hard to control everything around us. Especially when dealing with outside storage. Afcours if you pick indoor storage, especially climate-controlled ones the possibility of pests is almost zero. But outside there are many things you cant influence. This is where packing habits come into play. If you want to pest-proof your storage, the best way to do it is while packing. Of course, it is always easier to ask commercial movers Chicago about the services they provide and pick other types of storage. Though this is easier those types of storage might not fit your needs or price range.

If you want to pest-proof your storage dont pack food
Food can attract all types of pests. So it’s best to avoid using anything that was in contact with it.


When you pest-proof your storage, first start by deciding what you can and can’t pack. Food is first on the don’t pack list. This is something you should already be aware of and may be mentioned to you as well by your professional moving company. Food attracts rodents and insects and won’t last long before it molds. So if that was not obvious enough make sure you don’t store food, or use boxes previously used for any type of food. If there is even a little bit of crumbs or a food smell it can attract pests.

Old boxes and sealed containers

Avoid packing in already used boxes. New boxes are the best pick to pest-proof your storage. In the old ones, there might be some pests from your current location. Especially if you stored them in garages or attic. Sealing the containers makes it a little easier for you to relax knowing that nothing can get in. Be it with strong tape, or picking out other packing methods. For example, the best way to pack clothes or linen is to pack them in plastic containers and seal them shut.


When you pick your storage company and services that fit you the best check the storage of your choice first. Then to pest-proof your storage or at least lower the chance of it happening pack safe. When you place the boxes in storage don’t place them on the floors. This way you will not only keep them safe from pests but the ground moisture as well. 

Small bug
Not all pests are easy to spot. Some are small and impossible to notice without inspecting your items.


How to pest-proof your storage and furniture? Wooden and any other type of upholstered furniture can attract pests. Cover them with clean dry cloths or any other type of protective paper or material. Sometimes it’s better to donate furniture to Furniture Bank and get yourself new ones than to store them. But if you pack them well storage is not a problem either.


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