Moving can sometimes become quite overwhelming when you see all the things that you need to finish. In this article, we will help you pack your clothes for moving without losing time or sacrificing space. You can make the whole relocation simpler by hiring US moving experts, but when it comes to clothes you should pack them yourself.

tie sorted in a box as a way to pack your clothes for moving
Storing and packing clothes by their purpose, season or material is the best way to pack

Clothing is something that can take up a lot of space when packing and for a good reason. Most people tend to keep their wardrobe regardless of if they wear it or not. This becomes a problem mostly when you start packing for the move. Excess clothes take up more space and can prolong the packing and moving process by a bunch. However, once you utilize some of our tips you will pack in no time.

De-clutter before packing

To de-clutter before packing is to help yourself work in a less messy environment. Getting rid of clothes you do not need will help you move quicker. It will also open up more space for other items. When we pack we look to pack everything for the move in one day and maybe we could achieve that but the overwhelming pile of clothes in our bedroom says otherwise. There are three basic ways one can de-clutter.

  • Sell your clothes – Clothes that you did not wear for a long time or is just collecting dust in your dresser should be sold. Clothes that just take up space and have no purpose will only take up space in your packing phase and in your new home. Organize a garage/yard sale or sell your clothes online to inject yourself with a small financial aid to help you during your move.
  • Donate your clothes – Donating your clothes is the most humane thing you can do with it. There are many people who are less fortunate than us and giving them clothes you do not wear is the best thing you can do.
  • Throw away your clothes – We all have some piece of cloth that is torn or stained and it just takes up space in our wardrobe. Well, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get rid of some of those clothes and create more space for future attires.
different fabrics next to eachother in a variety of colors
De-cluttering can help you lose some of the weight of your items and create more space for other items

De-cluttering is a great way to start a packing process. By getting rid of all the things you do not need, you ensure that you have more space for important belongings and eventually inject yourself with a little bit more money.

Organize to help you pack your clothes for moving

The organization is key. If you have a good organization during this experience you will make it much easier for yourself. Once you finish de-cluttering you need to start packing. Good organization will help you know where to start and how to utilize the whole process. Organizing your clothes before packing them will help you gain insight into how many clothes you have and what you need to pack them. For instance, if you have a lot of warm/winter clothes you should consider a bigger suitcase or a box.

Sort your clothes by delicacy

Delicate clothes are clothes that are more formal wear. Things like wedding dresses, tuxedos and gowns are best to be packed in a separate bag to protect them from any odors or dust. Garment bags are the best place you should pack these clothes and if you do not have one, you can use a clean garbage bag. Although not the prettiest of sights, these bags will help you protect clothes from any smells or dust.

Sort your clothes by season

Depending on which season you chose to move in, you should start packing your clothes by the season. For instance, if you move during the summer, you should pack your winter clothes first. Jackets, coats, sweaters, hoodies and other clothes should be in one box. The other box should contain all of the accessories like hats, gloves, neck warmers etc. Make sure you write which clothes are where on the box. This will help you unpack quicker. Moreover, if you are considering hiring packing services Chicago, writing on the boxes can help movers identify which items are where. The reason why you want these clothes inboxes is that they will have no purpose in the near future and can be put aside.

a stack of hats in different colors
Packing your items by the season you wear them in is the easiest way to pack

Your summer clothes are something you will be wearing in the period to come. So pack those clothes into a suitcase or two and you are ready to go. Summer clothes are good for packing because of how light they are. This makes it much easier for the owner to pack them practically anywhere.

Wash and fold your clothes before you start packing them

Although this is an obvious one you should make sure not to skip this step. You would not want dirty clothes in the wardrobe of your new home. Moreover, if you pack your dirty clothes with some that are clean you will have to wash them all over again once you move in. This step can also help you pack your clothes for moving. Once you finish washing your clothes, make sure to fold them properly. Firstly, you will lower the chances of clothes wrinkling. Secondly, folded clothes actually take up less space than just randomly throwing them inside the box.

Professional movers can help you pack your clothes for moving

Professional moving companies, like residential movers Chicago, can help you pack and prepare for the move. As these experts have a lot of experience with moving they can offer services and advise on how to prepare. Moving companies can also help you with providing all the packing supplies you need for the move. If you want to pack your clothes for moving with ease, make sure to be organized and prepare adequately.

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