Moving the entire household is a serious task. Even when you are moving from a small apartment, packing your belongings requires putting in an effort. What makes this task demanding is the fact there will be some mistakes. Since you need to find a new house, plan everything in advance, take care of your family, and keep doing your business, you can feel exhausted while moving. And when it comes to packing your fragile items, there is no room for mistakes caused by tiredness. Clearly, you don’t want to forget, lose, or damage any of your items. For this reason, you need to learn how to pack fragile items even if you have to finish many other tasks. Our US Moving experts are here to help you to choose efficient ways to handle moving tasks. Therefore, you can say goodbye to worries and rush. Just keep reading.

Efficient ways to pack fragile items

Even if you are not in the mood for spending days preparing for a move, moving is unavoidable sometimes. If you ask professionals what is the best advice to pack breakable items, they will answer you with a few questions. What is the size of your load? Do you know what packing materials to gather? How much time do you have? How many helpers can you count on? Believe it or not, those facts you need to consider. Of course, at the first moment, you may think that hiring packing services Chicago is the only way to finish this task stress-free. But if you have enough time, you should calculate your budget first. Unfortunately, we realize that professional service is not always within budget. Even when you know many benefits of hiring them, sometimes you will opt for DIY packing all your belonging, including fragile ones.

Prepare to pack fragile belongings.

Learn to pack fragile items for moving and storage

Even you decide to skip expenses for packing service, you want your item to be safe until they arrive at your new residence. To avoid common moving mistakes, keep in mind these tips to pack up your fragile items. So, make sure to use the right materials and implement proper packing methods provided below:

  • Prepare to pack fragile items in advance. Don’t wait until the last moment to start preparations. Packing up the valuable crystal, porcelain, and other breakables requires enough time. There is no place for a rush. So if you are not hiring professionals, start well in advance of moving day. Take the time to properly pack breakable items.
  • Have the right tools. As soon as you find out your moving date, go to the local hardware store. Look for packing materials for fragile items, but also for the rest of your belongings.
  • Learn how to pack the most popular fragile items.
Packing supplies
Make sure to prepare the required supplies.

Packing materials for fragile items

If you think you will spend days finding them, you are wrong. Our moving experts will remind you of the essential supplies you should get.  Here is what you need to pack fragile items:

  • quality boxes in various sizes,
  • corrugated fiberboard pads,
  • packing paper and newspaper,
  • dish and glass packers,
  • markers to label moving boxes,
  • bubble wrap to wrap delicate items,
  • packing peanuts,
  • pliable cardboard,
  • scissors,
  • towels or rags,
  • packing tape,
  • plastic furniture covers to protect fragile furniture pieces,
  • Enough space to conduct packing. For instance, a large table to lay out your items and pack on is also an essential tool.

Every item requires attention

The major safety of your items is covered by the proper supplies you will use. It means, you just have to use them in the right way. As well as that, sort the supplies you purchased from eBay and make sure to separate them correctly. Although every item is unique by its shape, material from it is made of, and the level of sensitivity when transporting, it is still possible to pack it safely. Nonetheless, there are certain rules applicable to most of the breakables. So if you continue reading you will find the steps for packing fragile items you can remember and use anytime you need.

pack fragile items
Using supplies like bubble wrap will protect your fragile items.

Steps for packing fragile items

Once you have your supplies gathered, make sure to know those steps:

  • Secure the bottom of your box. You will ensure it by taping all open seams and corners.
  • Build a cushion base by lining the inside of the box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • Individually wrap each item with bubble wrap, packing paper, newspaper, or towels. Besides, consider adding additional material around thin areas, such as handles on mugs stems on a wine glass. Extra layers around the fragile item will ensure them from breaking during loading and transportation.
  • Carefully place wrapped items in the box, starting with the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest at the top. If you have pre-divided boxes, you are lucky. So, insert items in their appropriate compartments.
  • Choose the right size moving boxes when have to pack particular delicate items. If there is a lot of empty space inside the packed box, you can expect troubles. Fill any empty space in the box with packing peanuts, towels, or paper to prevent breakables from moving around. So make sure to fill each box to the brim. This will help you to prevent those located at the bottom of the stack from being smashed and those at the top from shifting and toppling.
  • Label certain boxes with a ”FRAGILE” sign. Even id you did a great job with packing, loading always presents a danger for fragile items.

Don’t forget to prepare for unpacking

When you have to pack fragile items, keep similar types of items together. Also, remember to label boxes appropriately. Attaching labels onto your boxes is a way to remember where your valuables are during the unpacking process. Paper, loose fill (peanuts), foam, and similar packing supplies may be able to be recycled after use. For this reason, make sure you have trash and recycling ready when you arrive.

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