Your decision on the international move is final. So you are moving to another country and a whole new life awaits you halfway across the globe. We know that getting ready to move abroad can be an exciting new chapter in life. If you are preparing to pack for a fresh start in a new country, we can help you with that. And while there are plenty of important decisions to make and complex tasks to complete before moving abroad, packing for your international move should be among your top priorities. So before you start to pack, remember that simple organization is the key to a successful relocation. Your international movers Chicago are here to share simple and useful advice, but also to offer the best possible service you will need. With us, you will learn how to pack for an international move.

Prepare to pack an entire household for an international move

If you are moving for the first time, there are many things that may concern you. Are you wondering where to start? Considering to hire professional help for packing for an international move? Or would you rather do it by yourself? If you have to do this only by yourself and don’t know where to start, here is what it really looks like. Your US Moving Experts have simple instructions for you. You need to:

  • Allow yourself enough time to prepare properly and pay attention to the details when packing your belongings for overseas shipment
  • Sort out your belongings and make the right choices as to what to take to your new foreign home. Importantly, shipping items overseas is both very costly and very risky.
  • Find a reliable international moving company to take care of your possessions.
  • Pack your belongings with the utmost care as they are going to travel a great distance and will be loaded and unloaded several times. If you think you can’t handle this, let the professionals do it for you.
  • Send your shipment as early as possible, as the transportation and delivery of your items will take plenty of time.
Plan ahead and look for help.

What to take?

If you are wondering how much supplies you will need, you will find the answer in your inventory list. If you own too many items and belongings, the next question is which of them to actually take with you? Is this a short-term or a long-term move? Ask yourself some important questions. Is it smart to pack and transport items you don’t use for a long time? Is the item you are considering is really something you will need in your new life? Then compare the costs of storing your possessions versus shipping them. Research the prices for monthly renting of storage units that would be suitable for the number of your belongings.

How to Pack for an international Move
Hardest question- what to take?

Also, consider all the benefits of selling your belongings versus replacing them. Consider various options for selling, storing, donating, and disposing of your belongings. In the end, remember that some things can be expensive and difficult to replace in other countries.

Remember that you will be able to get what you need from your new country. So, when packing for an interstate move, take only items of high practical, monetary, or sentimental value. Additionally,  this list includes and items that will be difficult to find in your new area.

What you did not count on:

Unfortunately, moving internationally means that you will be separated from your belongings for some period. Naturally, you cannot pack the entire household in hand luggage. Thus, it will take a certain time until your shipment gets to your new address.  It’s important to recognize that it can take several weeks for your belongings to move to another country. For this reason, make sure to bring with anything you might need for the first few days after your arrival. But the most important is to court on this before you start packing. When you know what you can expect than it is easier to find a proper solution. Even delays can happen, too. Obviously, you could minimize your stress level if you simply accept the notion of living without most of your things for a while.

It is time to pack for an international move

Every time you are packing your belongings you could reuse leftover packing materials from the previous move. After you gather the required supplies and materials for packing your belongings, consider how to conduct your packing. Before making your final decisions and getting down to work, take a closer look at our detailed packing checklist for international moving :

Clothes and shoes

Will the clothes and footwear you plan to pack for moving abroad be appropriate for the weather conditions in a foreign country? Your new country might have four distinct seasons. For this reason, it will make much more sense to buy the clothes and shoes you are going to need for the next season there. Instead of paying plenty of money to transport your old garments that may not even be suitable for weather conditions in the new country.  Otherwise, consider shipping your finest clothes in special wardrobe boxes (purchase them from your local movers or on Amazon) for optimal protection. Also, vacuum packing casual clothing and underwear to save space.

Pack your clothes and shoes carefully.

Fragile items

Pack for your international move could be fun if you have a plan. Wrap every single piece in bubble wrap or packing paper. Make sure to use plenty of cushioning between the items in a single box. Besides, make sure the box itself is very strong, well-padded, tightly sealed and reinforced with quality packing tape. Mark all the boxes containing breakable and sensitive items as ”fragile”. Consider packing your most valuable fragile items, family heirlooms, and pieces of art in special wooden crates for maximum safety. If you couldn’t get to find properly supplies to conduct this, opt for the best packing service Chicago has. If you did realize you can handle this, this is what you need. Nonetheless, they will know how to pack fragile items for shipping.

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