The big day of your move is finally here! Excitement is on the rise, but so is stress. Whether you’re moving locally or to another continent, there are essentials you will need to have on hand during traveling. Properly organizing and thoughtfully packing a bag with essentials is the key to a smooth moving day. This will help you minimize the stress caused by relocating. Even on the most organized moving day, with professional US Moving Experts helping you, important items can still get lost somewhere. So the travel bag should contain everything you know you might need with you during your move. Primarily, to avoid any travel essentials ending up in a pile of moving boxes causing delays. and furthering frustration. Keep reading to find out how to pack moving day essentials bag a like pro, and save yourself from unwanted accidents during your relocation!

Documents to have on a moving day

Whilst moving services Chicago can keep your belongings safe, you want to have documents on hand. During your packing, put all important documents aside in a safe place, so as to be able to simply take them out and pack them in an essentials bag the night before the move.  Keep track of passports, IDs, social security cards as well as medical records, birth certificates and everything else you want to have with you at all times.

Passport and a moving bag
Documents are crucial when you pack a moving day essentials bag

The medication you should take with you when you move

It goes without saying to pack any medication you know you should take on the day of your relocation. However, keep in mind to pack any medication you might need even a couple of days after the move. Recommended medication to keep track of :

  • prescriptions
  • vitamins you and your family take on a daily basis
  • first-aid kit
  • allergy pills
  • pain relief medications just in case.

Basic toiletries and a change of clothes should be packed in an essentials bag

You should pack some basic toiletries to have on the road, but also when you arrive and don’t want to start unpacking right away. Make sure to at least have toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand soap, and toilet paper. On top of that, you want to customize it according to your needs. Take one extra pair of clothing with you whether you’re moving locally, with local movers Chicago, or going on a longer trip.

Portable electronics to pack in a moving bag

Your bulkier electronics will be safe during transport, especially with furniture movers Chicago, but what about portable ones? Make sure to use some of the space in your essentials bag for smaller electronics such as your phones, tablets, and laptops.

A laptop on a table
Packing portable electronics in a moving day essentials bag is a good way of keeping them safe

Don’t forget snacks when you pack a moving day essentials bag!

You want to make sure you have some snacks on hand during travel.  It is important to stay hydrated to minimise exhaustion. No reason to risk someone getting hungry or thirsty, and snacks make for a fun moving day! If you successfully pack a moving day essentials bag all that is left is to relax and enjoy your relocation!

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