Moving valuable items the right way is important for many reasons. The first reason is that you don’t want them to get broken or damaged during the move. The second reason is that you don’t want them to get lost or stolen. Moving is stressful on its own. And if something unwanted happens to your valuable items, it will just add on more stress. We know you don’t want that to happen. That is exactly why we are here to tell you some tips on how you can move valuable items.

To pack and move valuable items, you have to know what is valuable to you

The first thing you have to do is determine what is valuable to you. To some people it’s jewelry, to some it’s their family pictures, and to others, it’s paintings and sculptures. Even if all of these are in your ‘valuable items’ group, each thing is packed and handled differently. Remember to pack your valuable items with care. And do your best to pack them right. After all, you don’t want them to get damaged. So make sure you secure every box and wrap every part of what’s valuable to you so your unpacking is stress-free.

Packing and moving  jewelry

If you own a lot of jewelry or at least some, you want to keep it safe and protected. The best way to do that is to keep your valuables with you throughout the whole move. Even if you have reliable and trusted movers like those available at, you never know what can go wrong. Especially if your move is a long-distance one. The longer the trip, the more things can go wrong. So if you own any jewelry that you consider to be valuable, make sure you keep it with you. Pack it in a bag and have it at your sight the whole time.

a jewelry box
Keep an eye on your jewelry during the move.

Even if the move is international, for example, and you are moving from the US to Saudi Arabia, try to carry as much as you can with you. And if you have a lot, buying a safe that you will ship to your new home is the best option when you want to move valuable items overseas.

Fine art handling

If you own fine art and you are moving, we are happy to inform you that there are many experts in fine art relocation to rely on. The only thing you have to do is pack your fine art the right way and your movers will take care of the rest and make sure nothing gets damaged. Some fine art moving companies can even do the packing for you. As it is valuable and expensive, you want to take measures of extra precautions. It is better to even spend more money on a moving company dedicated to just that than to have your valuables damaged.

a Van Gogh painting
Any art pieces you have need to be handled with care.

But if you feel like this is an unnecessary expense, you can move fine art yourself. If you own any paintings, make sure you buy boxes for moving paintings. You will also need plain white packing paper and clear foil. Use this to wrap up your paintings before you place them in the boxes so you prevent damage even more. Avoid styrofoam and packing peanuts as they can damage paintings.

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