The time for packing has come, and moving preparations are in full swing. The most important thing is to pack and transfer everything safely, although some things will undoubtedly take more work. In every step of the moving process, mirrors, lamps and lampshades, crystal chandeliers, artwork, and wall decor all require incredibly careful handling. If you’re not good at this or you just don’t have time, it’s better to hire US Moving experts to move expensive lamps and chandeliers long distance.

How to prepare lamps for a move

Lamps and lampshades must be handled with great care and precaution if they are to survive the relocation intact. When getting your lighting fixtures ready for delivery, there are two main problems. Lamps typically come in a variety of sizes and unusual shapes, making it challenging to determine what kind of box to pack them in and how to pack them safely and effectively. Because the majority of lamps and chandeliers are constructed of ceramic or glass, they are incredibly fragile and simple to break during transit. Packing the lamp and the lampshade in different boxes is essential to ensure the safety of your lighting fixtures during transit. Packing services Chicago offers high-quality packing supplies, knowledge, and experience to pack and secure any valuable and fragile items.

Wooden coffee table with couches and lamps
To properly pack to move expensive lamps and chandeliers long distances you will need to dismantle them first

Chandelier packing tips

When transporting a chandelier, you cannot afford to cut corners on the packaging. Remove the bulbs and pack them individually if feasible before placing them in a box. If this isn’t possible, cover the entire piece in high-quality bubble wrap. The chandelier should then be placed in a sturdy cardboard box or wooden crate. The latter is the greatest solution for safely shipping a chandelier. Keep in mind, however, that not every crate will work with your chandelier. If this all seems too complicated, you can always leave this job to professional long distance movers Chicago relay.

Keep track of all the small bits and peace

Make sure to maintain all of your lamp’s parts in the same place. Screws and hardware can all be placed in a single Ziploc bag. If you wish to keep the same lightbulb in your lamp, mark those boxes and transport them together. Everything will be easier to reassemble when you get to your new house if everything is in one place. Of course, you don’t want a moving accident to ruin all of your meticulous packing efforts. As one of the best residential movers in Chicago would suggest, put “fragile” signs on the boxes.

Move expensive lamps and chandeliers long distance with proper packing boxes
Make sure your boxes are appropriately labeled

Final packing and moving suggestions

As you can see, packing fragile objects does not have to be a daunting task. The most important thing is to purchase appropriate packaging materials and secure all pieces in a box with adequate packing paper or foam. Don’t forget to use markers to label the boxes (on three sides, so the notes are always visible). When you move expensive lamps and chandeliers long distance, be certain that they are not at the bottom of the moving truck. You don’t want other heavy objects to damage them accidentally. Feel free to contact moving professionals if you require additional guidance; they will be happy to help you.