Moving your house requires a lot of preparations. From planning and packing to loading and transporting, you need to take care of every aspect of your move. For many people, moving is a too complex task, so they are willing to hire as much help as they need. Hiring professionals is the right choice, especially if you feel you can’t handle your move alone. Although hiring professionals will bring expenses, there are so many benefits of having movers by your side. For example, your bulky and fragile pieces of furniture require extra attention when you want to move them to another corner of your home. Besides, you don’t have any equipment and experience to do that. Thus, if you are planning to move antique furniture, better look for professionals. Moreover, contact our furniture movers Chicago and tell them about your needs. They will give their best to help you out.

Make a plan and prepare to move antique furniture

When we find out that we will have to relocate our home, usually we start to consider how to conduct a moving process. Our US Moving Experts know that every person who has to move soon looks for the most affordable and fastest organization. Sometimes we can do it by ourselves, but sometimes that is not the case. What will determine the way we could organize our move? Well, if you can’t choose between DIY move and hiring professional service, here is advice you might be interested in.

Move antique furniture
Before you start packing antiques, make a plan.

DIY move or hiring movers?

First what needs to deal with is the type and characteristics of your belongings. So when you plan to move antique furniture make sure to notice the size and quality of exquisite antiques. The valuable piece should only be moved by highly-experienced movers, not by amateurs trying to do the DIY antique moving. Otherwise, if you can’t afford professional service, some useful tips and tricks could help. But, our warm recommendation is to be extremely careful. Besides, there are some common DIY moving mistakes to avoid either you are moving locally, long-distance ore move antique furniture. Unquestionably, any damages whatsoever can diminish the value of an antique. Even though the antique piece may be repaired after the damage, that is no consolation. Unluckily, it will never have the same value.

Consider will you do this alone ore you need to hire help.

How to pack antique furniture

Should you move antique furniture with pads or not padded? Well, it is easier to handle any furniture piece when it’s not padded. On the other hand, it is easier to carry antique furniture when its padding is tightly taped to it. It is because you can grip the pads when carrying the piece. So when moving antiques, use the extra protection of bubble wrap and thin foam wrap. Gather as more cardboards, shrink wraps, and blankets as you can. Purchase from Amazon properly supplies to provide your antique furniture with protection. Remember, all furniture pieces need to be thoroughly and securely tape padded and covered with some or all of the above-mentioned materials. This is particularly important when it comes to moving antique furniture pieces.

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