Life is about change. It is always moving forward and the only thing you can do is to try and keep up with it. One of the most important events in everybody’s life is moving away and starting your own life. This often means leaving not just your family’s home but also your city and, consequently, moving to a new city. In itself, the process of moving is very complicated and stressful. Moving, however, is just the first step. After you have successfully completed relocating all of your belongings, you will have to find an answer to another equally important question for everyone in that position, and that is how to make your new city a home? There are several steps that you ought to follow if you want to settle in as quickly as possible in your new environment and we are here to walk you through them.

Step 1. Unpacking is the first step to make your new city a home

This seems kind of obvious, but it is not uncommon for people that recently moved to a new place to stay off the unpacking process or to prolong it for much longer than it should actually last. This happens because people are nostalgic or depressed because of the moving process that they simply can’t make themselves unpack. Of course, this is not a simple task, but you should at least unpack your clothes, basic electronic devices and hygiene items that you need every day. The reason why this is the first official step that must be done as soon as possible is that you need that familiar feeling of looking at your bookshelf with all of your favorite books on it to help you get through this trying around you, so devote yourself to getting all of your things out of the boxes sooner, rather than later.


People exploring the city
Walk whenever you can, because it is not just useful, but healthy too.


Step 2. Exploring the city

Now that you have settled in your new residence, it is time to go outside. You have to get to know your new neighborhood and the easiest way to do it is to explore it on foot. Start with the basics like finding where all the supermarkets and bakeries are, and where is the nearest bus stop. Of course, you should also find places to hang out at, like pubs of coffee shops where you can meet new people. It is necessary to do this because it is the only way that that part of the city you are living at will become your own neighborhood in which you will feel safe and a part of.

There is one more thing that you have to find, and that is the “third place”. Perhaps the reason you moved was that you got a new job, and even though working is a very effective distraction, things might get a bit claustrophobic if your daily routine means that you are either home, at work or commuting from one to the other. Bear in mind that home is not just an apartment, but the city too. That is why you should find a place where you can go after (or before) work to relax and simply be among other people, drinking coffee and breathing fresh air.


Laptops and smartphones
The Internet can help you with pretty much anything if you look hard enough.


Step 3. The power of the Internet

The Internet is the source of nearly endless possibilities for pretty much anything. If you have relatives or long lost friends in the city you just moved to get in contact again.  Announce on your social media that you are moving and that you are open to meeting new people. Friends from your hometown may be staying behind, but they can still help. How? Maybe they have friends or relatives in that city you are moving to, who could help you out.  They may actually prove crucial in helping you make your new city a home a much easier task. There are also actual websites like that can help you with making new acquaintances.


Make your new city a home by making yourself feel like at home
You can improve or even reinvent who you are, you just have to decide to do that.


Step 4. Always say “Yes”

When you start meeting people and discovering new places, opportunities will appear and it would be smart to open up to them. Your cousin invited you to some local band’s concert? Say “yes”, and go out there and have fun. Some guys you met through a friend’s friend invited you to a darts tournament in a pub nearby? Even though you may not know how to play darts you will meet new and awesome people while having fun. Of course, don’t say yes to literally everything. For example, don’t go to a shady underground club,  unless there is someone you trust backing you up. Home is about having a familiar, warm place for yourself, but a place that is also filled with your people and if you want to make your new city a home you need to make friends.


Always say “Yes”
Do not be afraid to take risks.


Step 5. Discover yourself

Do not be afraid to be alone. Become your best friend by (re)discovering who you are. You always wanted to give fencing a go? Do it then. You like to read, and you used to write a story here and there, but you haven’t done that really in the last couple of years? Find a nice coffee shop and bring your laptop with you and write. Perhaps you can start writing a diary? That way you can talk to yourself and give body to those semi-developed thoughts that have been wandering around your mind ever since you moved to your new home. Go to movies by yourself, or to art galleries. Plan day-trips for yourself during which you are going to explore your new city and that is the final tip to how to make your new city a home.



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