Are you planning a DIY move? First, you should start planning how to handle your packing. But before you start to pack the entire household, think about loading your possession on moving truck. Unfortunately, you are not sure how to pack a moving truck? Well, you will need to know the ins and outs of loading a truck rental. From the positioning of bulky furniture to the use of moving different supplies, you are looking for the best ways to maximize your space. And there are multiple ways to maximize your storage space in the back of the truck rental. With the tips from our US Moving Experts, you can learn to load your moving truck rental like a pro. Moreover, utilizing this space efficiently is sure to save you from making several trips back and forth between homes.

Choose the right size of truck to load your moving truck like a pro

In order to choose the right size truck rental for your upcoming move, be sure to read about each of the rental company’s options carefully. Don’t wait until the last moment. Be sure that Chicago is a city where you can find plenty of truck rental companies. The one or even two months before the move, go ahead and check available dates. After you consider your needs and budget, reserve a truck rental for your moving date.

Figure out what size truck rental you need for your upcoming move.

Too small or too large?

You can pick between small cargo vans to large trucks. As well as that, most truck rental companies offer different shapes and sizes to choose from. But don’t let the price be your only guide, avoid common moving mistakes. Pay attention and try to avoid choosing a truck that is too small for your belongings. Although a smaller truck may be cheaper to rent, it will end up costing you extra time and money in the long run. For example, if a truck is too small to hold your possession, you will need to make multiple trips. If you want to use the entire space while loading a truck without the help of moving professionals, you must know how to distribute the weight evenly in the back of the truck. But also take care to incorporate certain tools to prevent damage to belongings.

Gather packing supplies

If you want successful loading, take care of how you are going to pack your belongings. But how to organize your packing without wasting time? First, you need to separate items in categories and provide and gather all necessary packing supplies. From sturdy boxes, plastic wrap, packing tape, a dolly to the furniture pads and moving blankets. Since your items may shift while transportation, they need to be packed with proper protection.

How to load your moving truck like a pro
You will need different materials and supplies to protect your items and gentle surfaces.

Load largest and heaviest items first

Are your items protected well? After you reuse packing supplies you had left from the previous moving, the end of packing is near. You are done with packing? Does it mean you are ready to begin packing a moving truck? Our warm recommendation is to start to load your moving truck with the largest and heaviest items first. Items such as mattresses, bed frames, tables, chairs, refrigerators, washer, dryers, couches, and tables should go first. We can also recommend placing them closer to the front of the truck.

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