Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Myriads are not. Life isn’t fair. Deal with it. For the money-minded, however, there’s no place such as New York to live in the lap of luxury. If you are eager to be deep-pocketed, Big Apple is your cup of tea. It is the best bet if you want to be sitting pretty.  Or to be stinking rich, for that matter. Once you earn tons of money, you can live off the fat of the land. To put in other words, you might be in clover. Having said that, the only thing remaining is to figure out how to accomplish it. How does one get rich in the Big Apple? Well, here are several suggestions.

NYC landscape
How to get rich in the Big Apple? That’s the million dollar question.

Tip #1 – have you considered food delivery?

Get rich in the Big Apple – it does seem easy, right? Well, if you want to be loaded, food delivery might be a good start. Our lives are getting more frenetic every day. As a result, homemade meals have become a luxury. Correspondingly, food delivery has been a great boon to our hectic business schedule-oriented lives. Who, for the love of God, has a couple of hours to spare next to a stove? Having a skyrocketing career, starting a family with many kids and a dog takes its toll. You do not have time to prepare a juicy stew due to taking your kids to the soccer practice. How to prepare a yummy meal when you have to comb through a bunch of papers for tomorrow’ s meeting of paramount importance? Consequently, a delivery person is becoming a tower of strength to you.

Tip #2 – make a parking space your source of income

Renting your parking space is a profitable idea
Thinking about how to get rich in the Big Apple? Try renting a parking space

How to get reach in Big Apple? Easy. If you have a parking space, that is. In that case, make use of it. People in New York are dying for a parking space. And they are willing to pay for both space and convenience. The price range is from 175$ to 300$ per month. Not bad, huh? So, off to New York ASAP. But, first things first. Browse a few moving companies’ websites to get information about moving to New York. For example, is a good example of getting rich through the offer of moving and storage services. Find out their services and prices’ ins and outs.

If you find them suitable (like most New Yorkers do), get down to relocation particulars like creating a moving checklist, packing, storage renting details. Simultaneously, go through the housing and cost of living in New York. Once you deal with it, enjoy the bucks.  There’s one more thing, though. Forget tightening the belt.

Tip #3 – opt for a freelance, home-based job

OK, admit it. Sometimes you can’t stand the crowd. You are fit to be tied with your nagging-prone colleagues. In addition, your boss is out after your scalp.  Not to mention the commuting is driving you crazy. If you decide to give a  moving company the ring and ask basic information on the moving services, so be it. While you are pondering this, give a freelance, home-based job a try. At least you can restore your inner peace by working under your own steam. No constant complaint makes you entirely focused on the task in hand. Ultimately, this makes you less on edge. So, you might pick

  • copywriting
  • online tutoring
  • content writing
  • web designing
  • virtual assistant
  • editing and proofreading

After all, you must fend for yourself notwithstanding you are not a happy camper doing so.

Tip #4 to get rich in the Big Apple  – dogsitting

How to get rich in the Big Apple? Well, how do you feel about dog sitting?
A dog sitting job is one of the ways to get rich in Big Apple.

Dogsitting can be your gold mine given myriads of people in Big Apple are dogs’ parents. But, they spread themselves too thin. Consequently, they need someone to take care of their cuddle bugs while they are away or at work. And that is the right set of circumstances to get rich in Big Apple. If you two move as a couple, you can both take a leap of faith and take up dogsitting. A perk of this part-time job is not being stuck at work. Moreover, you get to be outdoors meeting new people. Furthermore, your life is not entirely technology-dependant. On the other hand, in the technology-dominated world, establishing a connection with nature has become crucial. Add that to your moving day checklist. Plus, earning 1,000$ per month sounds like you should jump at the chance.

Tip #5 – rent a room every now and then

How to get rich in Big Apple? To begin with, it’s common knowledge the United States is the land of milk and honey. So, moving to Big Apple is made to order to get rich. For that reason, you might want to start downsizing so as to prepare to move. Next, try to afford an apartment with an extra room as it can be insanely lucrative. To elaborate, whenever there are people gathering events in New York, you get money. Luckily, Big Apple offers a wide array of such events many a time. Musical festivals, art exhibitions, sports events, business conferences, you name it. And the additional advantage is you won’t even know your tenants are here. Mainly because they won’t be. Chances are people can’t wait to explore New York as opposed to sightseeing your room.

To sum up, there are a plethora of ways to get rich in New York. But, it won’t happen out of the blue. You have to go for it. Spying out the land is a decent tactic to start running a business. Apart from this, trying to earn money will put you through your paces. Are you willing to have unknown people in your house? Despite it pushes you beyond your comfort zone? Can you clean after other people’s dogs? Even the big ones? Would you gladly give up your parking space? Do you mind working from home all by yourself? Or would you rather be a part of a team in spite of all the drawbacks? Besides, these are part and parcel of every job. Anyhow, prior to deciding to get rich in Big Apple, you should be sure as hell you are well-equipped to handle it.

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