Moving to another country is a very tiring and nerve-racking experience. Not only are you moving to an entirely new country, but you will also need to adapt to the new surroundings and culture. There will be the whole moving stress, plus the culture shock. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to discover a new world. Not to mention a different lifestyle and tradition than what you are used to. However, an international move is much more difficult than a local one. The paperwork, packing process, and the trip itself are a nightmare. So when you add it all together, the whole process is a journey of self-discovery and a personal challenge. To help you on this journey, you need skilled and professional moving experts IL. You need international movers Chicago. When you find movers you can trust, the move will be a breeze.

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It’s not hard to find the best international movers in Chicago if you follow these simple steps

Finding trustworthy international movers Chicago is easier than you think!

Even if you are moving abroad for the first time, there is no need to be worried. Having us by your side will help you find exactly what you need. Our US Moving Experts will connect you with the best moving companies Chicago has. We know what you are going through. For that reason, we will make sure that you know all traits of trustworthy international movers Chicago. After you assume what are the qualities of reliable international movers, you can make the right choice.

An international move will bring a huge change to your life. Because of this, you need to prepare for the radical changes that are to come. Your best bet is to simplify the process by hiring the best international movers Chicago can offer. Let the professionals handle your things and rest easy. Everything will arrive at your new home safe and on time. To make sure you get the absolute best, here are some of the things you need to do:

Start your search on time

You won’t be able to pull this off in a day. Many people are procrastinators, but you can’t waste time when it comes to this. You have so many things to check off your list, and you don’t want to move on short notice. The sooner you start looking for trustworthy movers, the better your experience will be. An international move has different requirements than a local or intrastate one. As such, you need to find movers that fit all your needs. Keep in mind that your items will take around a month to arrive at their new destination. Early bird gets the best international movers Chicago!

You can always rely on recommendations

Whenever you are about to make an important decision, like buying a new car, a new phone, or hiring a mover, what’s the first thing you do? Look for recommendations and suggestions, of course. Ask your friends and family members, or your peers and coworkers about their recent moving experiences. You never know what kind of useful information you will stumble upon! Alternatively, go online. Visit online forums, blogs, movers websites, and mover review sites, to see other people’s experience and feedback on movers. Websites like the Better Business Bureau give a good insight into various moving companies. If you see a few negative reviews on a mover that caught your interest, don’t be discouraged. Nobody is perfect. The quality of a mover isn’t decided on how many bad reviews they have, but how professionally they handle them.

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Friends and family are a great source of useful information

The best international movers Chicago have the most experience

Experience is one of the top factors which need to be considered when choosing and comparing moving companies. The longer a company has been around, the more experience they have in the field. Over time, movers develop a wide variety of special skills to ease the move process. These little tricks and know-how make all the difference and often outweigh any technology that may be used. The skillset isn’t everything though. Your chosen company must be familiar with all the relocation related rules and specific regulations. As well as international freight laws.

Red flags are what you need to watch out for

A moving company’s reputation is what matters. It is pretty simple, the more experienced a mover is in handing international relocation, the more likely it is that your move will be successful. So don’t simply hire any old movers. A company that specializes in interstate relocation is better suited to move your belongings abroad. Cause moving to your new home in another country is not just about loading your items on the track and cross the border. It is more demanding then you can imagine and surely you will need help from reliable interstate movers Chicago. So start your search as soon as possible and opt for an experienced international moving company.

International movers Chicago
Write down the main traits of international movers in Chicago.

After you find what you are looking for, you can start your preparations. Believe us, you will need 2-3 months to organize your entire relocation. Unfortunately, moving to another country is not just about hiring movers, it is a complex task and influences every aspect of your life. Nonetheless, if you have the best international movers Chicago has by your side, it will be fewer stressful. On the other hand, if you pick scammers by accident, you will get in trouble for sure.

Don’t settle for less – compare your options for international movers Chicago

When it comes to moving, having all the needed information is crucial. You don’t want to jump the gun and just hire the first company you see. Even if you find one that you like, keep looking and comparing. Compare the services different companies offer and more importantly, their rates. You can always phone in and ask for a price estimate that way, just to have some idea of what the price ranges are. Keep in mind tho, that such estimates aren’t accurate. Insist on an in-house estimate for the most accurate estimation of the cost. This way, you will have solid numbers at your disposal, and the movers representative can have a good look at your items and plan the move. With a house visit, they will have a better understanding of the move and thus be able to calculate any additional fees that may occur.

Make sure you are insured

A big deal when searching for the best international movers Chicago is working with legal and insured companies. Not only does the mover need a USDOT issued license, but they also need to be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission if they operate on an international level. Your selected company should also have a membership in reputable associations such as FIDI and IAM. Apart from licensing, there also needs to be moving insurance. There are 2 basic types of accidents that can occur during a move. One being damaged due to neglect, and the other being damage due to something which the mover can’t control (fire or hurricane for example). Ask your mover about the types of insurance they offer, as well as the extent of the liability coverage. If needed, consider getting additional insurance.

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It is very important to carefully read all the papers before signing them

Questions you should ask your overseas movers

No matter if it is about house or business international move, we can provide you with safe relocation in both ways. Our reputable commercial movers Chicago are here not only for local but also for long-distance moving. As we have a lot of experience, you should follow our advice when negotiating with your potential movers. Here we highlighted some questions you should ask your movers before you make a deal:

  • How is pricing determined?
  • Is the moving company licensed and insured? Is the moving company willing to provide references?
  • Will there be a single point of contact throughout the process?
  • Who will come to give your in-house estimate?
  • How much training your international movers have?
  • Will your goods be shipped directly?
  • Who is the company’s overseas partner? Who will be accountable for your belongings once you’ve arrived overseas?
  • Do they offer customs brokering?
  • Do you have to be present for the goods to clear customs?
  • What are your available storage options?
  • What are your current insurance options? Do you need to purchase any additional insurance coverage accordingly to their opinion?
  • Will your items be loaded in crates?
  • Who loads the shipping containers?
  • Will the movers take photos of the shipment?

Take your time when reading the documents

The paperwork is what can make or break a moving deal. Always take your time to carefully read all the documentation you are about to sign. If the company representative tries to hurry you through the process or tries to distract you, it’s best to walk away. You don’t want to be tricked by any rogue movers looking to make a quick dollar. Look at the fine print and check for any hidden fees or additional charges that may be listed there. Professional movers Chicago should have all of the crucial information displayed in a transparent matter. Don’t sign anything until you fully understand it.

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