So you decided to move. Your goods are packed for shipping and almost everything is ready. But what about that giant pool table looming in the living room? Transporting special items can be a real pain when the time for moving comes. This is why some people decide to get rid of their pool tables, pinball machines, and other similar items which are usually difficult to move. Doing it yourself can be very hard indeed. You are risking everything from damaging your table or damaging your back while lifting. One other thing on your mind is what the total moving cost will be. And it is all understandable. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe us, you’re not in as much trouble as you think. Your best option is to hire one of the many reliable pool table movers Chicago has to offer. 

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It’s not difficult to find reliable pool movers Chicago with a bit of research

Start looking locally and expand from there

Realistically speaking, you can’t just hire the first moving company you see. If you really want to find reliable movers, you need to check all the available sources and weigh out your options. Research is the most important thing when it comes to finding the most reliable pool table movers Chicago has to offer. Start by asking people you know for recommendations. Word of mouth is usually the safest source. Of course, it is only valid if it comes from the people you trust. Ask your friends and family who recently moved any large objects, if any exist. Extend your research by asking colleagues or coworkers who had experience with this for advice.

people playing pool in dim light
It is smart to ask your local billiard club or bar with a table for moving experience

Another great source of information can be a local billiard club or pub which has a pool table. Places like these surely had experience with moving tables, so they will be able to provide you with some valuable advice. As a last resort, get on your computer and look up a moving company that way. Online reviews give good insight since you can see both the good and the bad ratings the customers may have left. Online reviews are a great way to see if the company has experience in this field.

Ask the right questions to find the most reliable pool table movers Chicago

After you have done your research and picked out a few moving companies, it’s time to get into detail. We recommend you narrow your choices down to three to five companies. You have no experience with pool table moves and all these options seem good. This is why it’s important to select the most reliable pool table movers Chicago. Your main objective is for your pool table to reach the new destination with no damages and in one piece.  It won’t be hard to find specialty movers suited for your needs in the Windy City.

laptop and notebook on a table
Do your due diligence when it comes to researching the best pool table movers

Here is what to look for in a moving company:

  • Insurance and licensing – This is definitely one of the top requirements when choosing reliable pool movers. A proper company needs to be licensed in order to track them in case something goes wrong. You can check a company’s USDOT number online. This way you will know if they are licensed and insured.
  • Previous customer experiences – This is always a bonus as it gives direct insight into a company through its previous customers. This can be viewed online but should be taken with a grain of salt as it is easy to make artificial statements.
  • Years of experience – The longer the company is around, the more experience it has with specialty moves. Years in the field provide the crew with crucial expertise and tricks to perform moves without issues.
reliable pool table movers chicago parked trucks aerial shot
A reliable moving company should have a license and proper trucks for the job.
  • Additional services offered by the company – Some movers give better deals if you use several other services they offer. Consider this if you need other items relocated other than the pool table alone.
  • Types of vehicles used – Specialty movers need to have the appropriate equipment, aside from years of experience. They should have proper, high-quality trucks capable of moving such bulky and delicate items.
  • On-site estimate – Given the fact that On-Site estimates are the most reliable ones, you should always ask for them. Of course, you can choose an online or a phone estimate, since you surely need to have a total estimation of the moving cost. However, On-Site estimates do not wary in numbers, compared to other types of price estimations. Furthermore, it gives the company an opportunity to see the pool table first hand and prepare accordingly.

A few additional words of advice

Take into account everything you just read and pick out one moving company that fits the criteria the best. There are a few other minor details which can help you decide. As good as a moving company can be, sometimes things are just too good to be true. Scams are a very common occurrence in the moving industry, unfortunately. Some of them are easier to recognize than others. For example, if a company makes surreal insurance claims, it’s probably too good to be true. When inquiring about the services a company provides, make sure to ask about their accepted methods of payment. Be it cash, credit cards, checks, etc. If they ask for cash only, it’s not a good sign. Speaking of payment, companies who ask for a large up-front payment should definitely be avoided. Suspiciously low prices compared to other contenders are also a red flag.

two hands connecting a credit card and a card reader
Always make sure that the company accepts payment methods other than cash-only to avoid possible scams.

A great way to gain better insight into a company is to, if possible, head directly to their base of operations. This way, you can talk to the staff directly, see how the company works, and most importantly, check out the equipment they use. All in all, it’s not easy finding a reliable special mover, but with enough research, it is possible. Take your time and do your due diligence to find the most reliable pool table movers Chicago can provide. Consider everything you read above, and we are sure you’ll have no problem finding only the best pool movers out there.

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