Preparing for a long distance move isn’t an easy task. There are so many things that need to be done in a short period of time. And a crucial part of every long distance move is finding reliable long distance movers. If you find true professionals, they will not only help you with the transportation of your belongings but will also reduce the stress of moving. But, how can you know which moving company you can rely on? Keep reading and you will find out how to evaluate long distance movers and hire the best ones.

Search for them online

When you are moving from a small town to a big city in a different state, you might get overwhelmed and stressed. Therefore, hiring long distance movers is an obvious solution to your problems. The easiest way to find moving companies is to look them up online. We live in a modern era, thus, almost everything can be found online. Our strongest advice is to check out more moving companies, at least five of them. If you find out something negative about your first choice, you will want to have a backup plan. Remember, you can find out a lot about a moving company just by looking at their website.

Man working on a laptop, learning how to evaluate long distance movers.
For a safe relocation, make sure you did the research on the moving company you want to hire.

Look for their basic information…

If you want to avoid moving scams, you will want to know all the provided pieces of information are correct. Therefore, look at their basic info. You will find important details like:

  • Their Adress
  • License number
  • Phone number
  • Names of the ones that are in charge, and so on.

… and their reviews and ratings

While you are still online, look for the reviews and ratings of your top choices of long distance movers. You can always ask your friends or neighbors if they know anything about those long distance movers, but it will be easier for you to read other people’s reviews on specialized websites. These people have already used services from a particular moving company, so their opinions will matter. When you want to evaluate long distance movers, look if the majority of the ratings are positive or negative. And always go with the ones that have the best reviews. Even when you are moving on a short notice you do not want to avoid this advice.

A man giving a one star rating.
Disregard every moving company that has a bad reputation.

Find out if they have the official license

If you want to hire reliable long distance movers, you will want to make sure they operate legally. In other words, they will need to have all the necessary documentation and licenses. Long distance moving companies are in an obligation to have a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If you want to be sure your preferred long distance movers have the official license, ask for their license number or look it up on their website. A moving company that is operating without a proper license is violating federal regulations and is also putting your belongings in danger.

Don’t forget about the liability coverage! If a long distance moving company has a proper license, they have to follow certain standards. One of them is the liability coverage. In case something bad happens to your items, licensed companies will provide you with two solutions: Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection. Ask a representative if they can offer you the same at their moving company. Know that this is especially important when moving a long distance and having many expensive items that you need to transport from one place to the other. The presence or absence of the license and insurance is something that will most definitely affect the way you evaluate long distance movers.

An insurance form next to a damaged wall.
Moving mistakes can happen. Make sure you have insurance.

Study the services they provide

You can tell a lot about a long distance moving company by looking at the services they offer. The more services a company provides, the better the chances are you can take them seriously. One company can offer a variety of long-distance services like expedited relocation, packing, unpacking, providing a binding estimate, different discounts and many more. If you have a lot of your belongings and not enough space in your new home, you should look for companies that offer storage solutions and not worry about their safety.

Experience matters

Let’s face it- experience is very important. If one moving company exists for a longer period of time, there is a bigger chance you will feel safer with them than with a new company. If your new neighborhood has narrow streets, or the weather conditions are bad, you will want to go for an experienced long distance company.

Observe the red flags when you evaluate long distance movers

You will want to hire true professionals to organize your move to your new home. In order to be sure your relocation is in good hands, you will need to focus on noticing possible red flags. Here is what you will need to do.

  • Pay attention to how they approach their business. Are they professional? Do they answer all your questions? Did they give you all the documentation you asked from them? The way they behave will help you evaluate long distance movers.
  • Inspect their moving trucks. Their maintenance is very important if you are interested in renting them.
  • Check their license number at the FMCSA’s website. 
  • Don’t hire long distance movers that want to be paid up front. Whether they demand a big amount or a small deposit, don’t hire them. Many moving scams start this way.
Yellow caution sign.
When you evaluate long distance movers, pay attention to possible irregularities.

The final tip will be to always trust your gut when you have to evaluate long distance movers! If you get a strange feeling something is wrong with the specific moving company, avoid them at any cost. There are many cheap and reliable movers, and you just have to find them.

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