When you’re moving to a new area it’s not rare that you need storage space. However, it’s never easy to pick what you really need in a storage unit. For that reason, it’s important to evaluate a storage unit taking every small detail into consideration.  That’s why we from the US Moving Experts want to help you out with some great tips on how to find the best storage unit for your needs. Here are just some elements to take into consideration.

Is your storage unit big enough?

Before you can actually look at a storage unit make an estimate of what you’ll put in it. That’s because some storage units are smaller than others. For that reason, your best bet is to actually go down to the facility and evaluate a storage unit by yourself. For example, some storage Chicago units will have different dimensions and won’t fit everything you put in them.  Our best piece of advice is to take a tape measure with you when checking out the unit. Of course, it won’t hurt to measure your furniture and other items that you plan on putting in storage.

Storage units
Evaluate if a storage unit is big enough

Before you evaluate a storage unit find out how long you need it for

When you’re using storage services there are two ways you can use them. For long-term and short-term storage. Depending on many factors like how soon you’ll need the items or how much your unit costs you will opt for one or the other option. For example, our commercial movers Chicago always recommend the business they move to rent short-term storage. That’s because we know of many offices and businesses alike that will use storage as a small warehouse. Especially if the facility is near them. In the end, it all depends on your needs and the amount of money you’re able to give out in order to rent out a storage unit.

Will you rent or buy a storage unit?

Similar to the dilemma of picking between short and long-term storage, you will also have to think about if you’re renting or buying. Of course, every option has its upsides and downsides. Obviously, if you need storage for a local move you won’t have to buy it outright and it’s better to rent it in that situation. However, businesses usually want to buy storage units as they will use them for an extended period of time. On the other hand, long-term storage renting will cost you a lot so sometimes it’s not a bad idea to buy a unit even when moving residentially. Obviously, the choice is always yours and you’ll make the decision according to your needs.

A lot of cash
The price will vary depending on how long you want to rent your storage unit, or even more if you want to buy it

Evaluate the security of a storage unit

There are many people who take storage unit safety for granted. It can seem like it’s a thing that is already included but that’s not always the case. For that reason, it’s a good idea to go down to the storage facility and check out units. Is the storage unit clean? Are there CCTV cameras? Can rodents or other animals be visible at the facility? Those are all questions that need to be answered. And only if you have truthful answers can you use the storage unit. There are many ways that small mistakes and oversights can ruin all your belongings that are stored away inside a storage unit.

Is it climate-controlled?

Depending on where you live you might want to ask about your storage unit’s ability to handle the heat or cold. Even though some storage units are better at preventing outside influences like the climate, nothing beats a climate-controlled storage unit. That’s why our long-distance movers always choose to put our client’s belongings inside that type of storage unit. That’s because there are a lot of types of furniture and general belongings that will get damaged in extreme temperatures. For example, leather is known to crack when exposed to extreme temperatures or if there’s a big change in the climate if not stored properly.

Evaluate a storage unit by its vicinity to your home

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to rent a storage unit near you. That can help you out by having quick access to all your belongings that are inside the storage unit. Even though it’s not a top-tier factor, it’s still a good idea to include distance as one of the deciding factors when it comes to picking your storage unit. It’s not a bad idea to have your seasonal items or appliances that you haven’t used in a while in a storage unit near you. Who knows when you’ll need something? And at that point, you don’t want to waste time.

Woman writing on a moving box
Pick a storage unit that is close to your home or office

Does the storage facility have a manager?

When you look at security it’s important to check the management also. Is there a storage facility manager checking on units? Is everything clean and safe? Those are all things that you can ask the manager. However, even better, you can see it for yourself. If the storage facility is dirty and has signs of burglary you might not want to rent or buy a storage unit there. It’s of the utmost importance to have people you can trust looking over your unit and belongings.  That will make you feel better in no time knowing that professionals are taking care of your unit.

It’s important to take every detail seriously when you pick a storage unit. That’s because your belongings will spend a long time there before you see them again. Because of that, it’s important to pick only BBB-approved companies to store your items. They have all it takes to prepare your unit and safeguard your items. In the end, what’s left for you is to evaluate a storage unit and pick one that will fit your needs. 

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