Moving house is a costly endeavor, and even if you chose the DIY route it will still cost you your time. After a while, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that hiring professionals is the best way to go about it. Except, how do you know the amount of money you need to put aside for this purpose? It depends on many factors, and no one can estimate moving costs as precisely as movers can. Still, here are some basics to start with.

Take all factors into account

The moving process is everything but simple, as there are many details you tend to disregard. Even if you get your quota, unpredictability may impact the final price. Be that as it may, it’s still useful to know the main factors which will dictate your price:

  • The distance of the transportThe greater the mileage, the higher the final cost will be. When you take into account the truck rental, the road tolls and gas expenses, it’s easy to see how the price can accumulate.
  • The weight of your itemsThe heavier your shipment, the higher the cost. This is why downsizing before your move is extremely important.
  • Additional services – If you’re moving a pool table it will probably require special moving equipment. Of course, extra services come at extra fees.
  • Time – The time it takes to load and unload the truck is also a part of the final bill.
  • The number of movers – Depending on how many movers you hire for your move the faster they’ll finish. But, each extra mover means extra money as well.
  • Type of move – Short-distance movers usually charge by the hour. On the other hand, cross-country move takes many other factors into account. If you’re moving long-distance, you can consider freight moving companies.


box with 'fragile' label
Many factors will dictate the price of the move, among them additional services for moving valuable or fragile items.

Request an in-house estimate

Choosing the right movers is important when moving. You should always pick the company that fits your needs best. Comparing moving companies and their costs online is easy, but is it effective? Nowadays, every moving company’s website has an online quote calculator. While it’s a great starting point to making your financial plan, it is almost never precise. After all, every move is unique. That’s why to accurately estimate moving costs you’ll need an in-house estimate. This practice is usually free of charge and your mover will gladly access your belongings. Furthermore, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to your mover. Is there anything you find unclear? Ask away! Also, your mover will make an inventory list. Keep it with you on moving day and during the unpacking process.

list of items
When you have movers over to estimate moving costs they will devise an inventory list. Keep a copy of it with you to ease your unpacking process.

When you estimate moving costs, don’t forget the extra services

As mentioned above, extra services mean spending extra money. However, sometimes they are necessary for the safety of your valuable belongings. Check out what other people say on whether they are worth the money and decide for yourself. In the case that they are, talk to your mover about the services which are not part of the original contract. For example, packing services and flight charges are usually additional costs. Insurance is another extra cost you should think about. By law, you are required to pay basic insurance which is $0.60 per pound. However, there are assessed or full value insurances which are important for high-value items. In order to estimate moving costs correctly, throw in the storage options as well. Make a plan before your move – don’t lighten your wallet unnecessarily!

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