When you’re moving you want to have a reputable, dependable and honest moving company on your side. However, you can’t overlook the danger of moving scams and overall bad moving companies. Thankfully, we from the US Moving experts are here to help you out by giving you some crucial tips on what to do. Here are just some of the things to do when you want to know how to do a moving company’s background check in no time. It will end up being more helpful than you think.

How to do a moving company’s background check? Control the company’s licensing

Every time you want to hire a moving company make sure it has a license. Every professional company needs to be able to show you by who and when they were licensed to relocate. There are obviously many different types of licenses, however, the most famous one is the one from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ( FMCSA). It is generally the first step when it comes to licensing your local moving company and beyond. If that’s missing, let that be a huge red flag. Of course, every state comes with its own rules and regulations and with that their own licenses.  This is a great first step when you want to check if your moving company is legitimate.

A man signing papers
How to do a moving company’s background check? Ask for a license

Does the moving company have a legitimate address?

Another detail that people usually forget about is that a moving company needs to have a physical address. If you are living near the place of your company make sure to take a walk down there. You might be surprised how many storage facilities end up being fast-food restaurants. That’s just a flat-out scam. Make sure that you use online tools to at least look at recent photos around that address. If it’s a moving company make sure to pay it a visit. If you can enter and see the fleet of moving trucks you can be sure that your movers are the real deal. And don’t worry, a moving company loves when somebody comes by from time to time.

Ask for the moving company’s references and experience

If you ask your moving company for some of their references, every professional company will make sure to give them to you. Above all, that’s one of the easiest ways to do a moving company’s background check. If a company works for more than a year it already needs to have some type of experience and references. Be it only a residential move or any other type of move you can be sure that the client will appreciate it. If there’s no show of work beforehand, it’s maybe better to skip that moving company.

How to do a moving company’s background check? Stats tell it all

Similar to experience and references, there needs to be statistics of moving activity by a company. For that reason, if you ask for it, you’ll probably get it. It really tells a lot if you take into consideration just how much your moving company does work. If it’s not the choice of your community maybe you need to continue checking its background. Of course, just because a company doesn’t work every day and all day doesn’t mean it’s sketchy. Continue with your search for information and make sure that you keep those stats saved. A good decision is always made on several different bases. So why would you rush yourself with such an important decision?

A laptop with stats written on it
Ask for stats from your moving company of choice

Ask your friends or colleagues if they moved with that company

The best way to know your moving company is legit is to hear from your loved ones. If some of your friends, family members, or colleagues recommend you a moving company that probably needs to be the only sign you need. However, on top of that, you still need to be careful. This needs only a first good sign that you’ve found a professional company. Always try to implement all the advice we gave you beforehand. Only by doing so can you be sure that the recommendations from your friends are completely trustworthy. And what better than a person you trust to give you such big information?  Have faith and make sure that even with that information you know how to do a moving company’s background check.

How to do a moving company’s background check? Take a look at reviews online

One of the most modern ways to do a background check on your moving company is to do online research. From everything you can do, this is probably the easiest way to do it. Thankfully there are many places online including the Better Business Bureau and other third-party websites that make it much easier to perform those checks. However, you need to be careful with online reviews as well. Make sure that you can distinguish fake from real reviews. Too positive or too negative comments can be someone that isn’t completely trustworthy. For that reason, make sure that you check mostly objective comments. They will be the key to finding the right and honest moving company for your next relocation.

A person checking its laptop on how to do a moving company's background check
Check out moving companies online

Making sure that you’ve done the research on your moving company is a great start. You don’t want an unprofessional moving company or even worse scammers to come into your house. For that reason, the skill of knowing how to do a moving company’s background check will be a huge advantage for you. We hope that some of our tips will help you find the right moving company for you. We wish you all the luck in the world with your move and we already know that you’re going to pick the right company for it.

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