Organizing a move can get very overwhelming. You cannot but feel stressed out due to the fast-approaching change in your life, and yet you have to stay concentrated and complete the relocation successfully without any inconveniences if possible. Understandably, hiring a reputable and dependable moving company is the best option in these circumstances. However, this isn’t always an easy thing to do. To find the one that best suits your needs, you have to compare moving companies and make the right decision. The question is how? We offer you the answer.

What kind of a moving company is a winning choice for your move?

To define the criteria for comparison analysis, you have to determine what kind of a moving company is a winning choice for your move. In most cases, the qualities we look for are the same unless a person is in possession of some specialty items that require more experienced movers. You need a company which:

  • Fits your moving budget
  • Meets your requirements concerning the relocation of your items
  • Has adequate answers to all your questions about the move
  • Is prepared to overcome various difficulties that sometimes come up during the relocation process
Compare the moving companies which meet your criteria.
Before you compare moving companies, decide what kind of a moving company is a winning choice for your move.

What steps to follow to compare moving companies?

Although the safest path to finding reliable movers goes over the recommendations from your friends, colleagues or neighbors, this isn’t always possible. A more probable scenario is to consult the internet first and then find out as much as you can about the moving companies that have attracted your attention. Is your mover really an expert? Collect the key information and you’ll find out. Here are the steps we need to follow to compare moving companies properly.

Step 1 – Compare the companies’ websites

The first thing you notice when checking websites of reliable movers is transparency. Reputable movers aim at attracting as many new clients as they can and eventually get favorable feedback of their services. Their websites provide the public with the address of their office, contact numbers, US DOT and MC numbers, and former customers’ reviews. Furthermore, very often, they offer blogs which give answers to countless questions people ask themselves when preparing the upcoming move. If the website of a company doesn’t meet these criteria, maybe you should cross it out form your list. Compare moving companies whose websites are promising.

Compare moving companies whose websites are promising.
The first thing you notice when checking websites of reliable movers is transparency.

Step 2 – Compare the estimates issued by the moving companies you are considering

When you make a list of potential moving companies for your move, contact them and request moving estimates. Both the way the company issues an estimate and the type of the estimate matter. Reliable movers almost always suggest an in-house estimate. They send an estimator to your address to take a close look at the amount and the type of your household goods. In addition, you can use the estimator’s presence to ask all the questions that cause uneasiness to you. On the other hand, if a moving company offers to provide you with an estimate over the phone, there is a potential danger you are dealing with a rogue mover.

When it comes to the type of estimate, make sure you understand the difference between a non-binding and a binding estimate. Opt for the binding one, since it guarantees to a certain extent the costs of your move. Conversely, with non-binding estimates, you have zero control.

Pay a visit to your potential movers

Before you compare moving companies, pay a visit to their business premises if you have time. Jump at the chance to check the accuracy of the information you have found on the companies’ websites. An in-person estimate of your potential movers is as good a choice as an in-house estimate when you are a client. Check out their moving equipment, moving trucks that they use, their certificates, etc. What you see may influence the final decision.

Step 3 – Compare the offered moving options

Although you probably aim at saving money when you move, don’t let the price be the key factor when making the final decision. Compare moving companies carefully and the options they offer for your move. For example, note what services they offer and at what price. Will they pack or unpack your items? Will they provide you with favorable storage options if necessary? The aim is to find the best value for your money.

Compare moving companies to find the best value for your money.
Find the best value for your money when you choose a moving company.

Furthermore, this is a perfect opportunity to try negotiating the price with potential movers. Bearing in mind the severe competition in the moving industry, lots of the companies are willing to give a more favorable price to retain their customers. Their promptness to meet your requirements is very important when you compare moving companies.

Step 4 – Compare the customers’ reviews of your potential movers

There are various sources of customers’ reviews you can consider. If people in your surroundings recognize any of the names of the companies you have listed, ask them for their opinions. If not, search the companies’ websites or, even better, visit My Moving Reviews website and find the information on your movers. Contrary to the common belief, it is much more important to know the flaws of a moving company instead of its good qualities. Then, you are able to predict possible problems if you hire the mover in questions.

When you compare moving companies, make the final choice

With the helping hand of moving experts who know how to organize your move, you can relax a bit and start planning your life at the new location. Unfortunately, finding these experts isn’t easy. To make the right choice, you need to compare moving companies and how they fit into your frame of expectations. Firstly, pay attention to how transparent their business is. The last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise during the move or, even worse, lots of them. Secondly, compare the moving estimates. Beware of low-ball estimates since they signal a red flag. Then, compare the moving options your potential movers offer. Finally, compare moving companies according to their former customers’ reviews and make a decision. Hopefully, the decision will be the right one.

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