Moving has become a need and stress for everyone. Be it that you want to move down the street or out of state it still makes you worry a lot. Especially when it comes to moving your office or business. That’s why we at the US Moving Experts have decided to help you out. Picking out from a huge number of companies around Chicago isn’t going to be easy. However, here’s some advice you can follow to compare commercial moving companies in Chicago and help you find the one that fits your needs the best.


Try and ask around for quality movers from friends and family

Before you start hunting for moving quotes it’s best to ask around with your friends and family. You might have friends that work in offices that had a relocation recently. For that reason, talk about your needs to the one closest to you. In that way, you can eventually get someone to share their commercial movers Chicago with you. But don’t let this be your only factor to consider when looking for movers. Consider it only a good foundation where to start as you collect moving quotes from different companies. 

People talking to each other
Don’t hesitate and ask your friends if they had experience with commercial moving companies in Chicago lately

Check online for reviews for different commercial moving companies in Chicago

Why not use the power of the internet to help you find commercial moving companies in Chicago? You can find many websites that have the sole purpose of comparing moving companies. And be it that you need commercial or residential movers you can find other people’s opinions and testimonies about them. Read through as many reviews as possible to get an idea of what commercial mover fits you the most. Just beware of scammers and false reviews. Try and listen to objective and balanced opinions as a too bad or too good viewpoint can usually mean the review is fabricated.

Get references to get the best commercial moving companies in Chicago

You’ve already done a lot and can probably narrow your choice to half a dozen companies. However, we want to make it even easier for you. Contact the commercial movers you’ve found and ask them if they can give you some references from their previous customers. If you can somehow, contact them directly. Ask them if they can spare some of their time and give you an honest opinion about the company they’ve used. This can get you a lot of information about the type of business you’re dealing with and how it treats its customers. On the other hand, if they provide you with references it’s maybe better to avoid that moving company completely.

Women talking over the internet
Talk to people who worked with the moving company you had in mind

Compare rates and prices

We all know how difficult and expensive a move can be. Especially a commercial one. For that reason, when you narrowed down your choice, get down to comparing prices. You need to take more factors into consideration before choosing a company. This is not your local Chicago move, so the budget is important but it’s not the decider. Above all, movers that have lower rates usually take more time to move, making them even more expensive than an expensive mover on paper. That’s why you need to compare prices and quotes carefully in order to select the best quality to price ratio available to you.

Get only the most experienced movers on your commercial move

Another big factor that should influence your decision is the quality and experience a commercial mover has. Who would you rather want to move your business? A company that has decades of experience and completed hundreds of moves or a business that opened six months ago? The choice is obvious. For that reason, make sure to choose the companies that have already made their name in Chicago. And when it comes to experience try and get someone from your team to be a mediator between the movers and your office. By doing that you’ll always be informed on what to do on your side, but also get the plan of the movers for the foreseeable future.

Movers unpacking the truck
Experience is a big plus when it comes to commercial movers

Get a detailed moving plan from commercial moving companies in Chicago

A true moving company, be it residential or commercial moving, will offer you a moving plan. And be it that you’re moving an office or a business it will be even more detailed. You should expect a pretty accurate plan with all the milestones, timeframes, and actions needed to make a smooth move. If any commercial mover denies you a plan, that usually comes with quotes, estimates, and other crucial information, avoid that mover at all costs. Chicago is a big city and there are a lot of movers, however, a business requires highly skilled and quality people on the job. And a moving business that can’t provide you with a plan of action just isn’t what you need.

Having a business in Chicago, however big or small is a big deal. That’s why you always need to be connected with reliable and quality movers in order to be ready for an unexpected office move. We hope some of our tips will help you, like looking up companies on the Better Business Bureau website or asking around your friends and family. It’s very difficult to choose the best movers from the huge number of movers that exist in Chicago and beyond. That’s why we wish you all the luck finding the one that fits you among all the commercial moving companies in Chicago. It’s not an easy task, but we’re sure you’ll make it.

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