Are you moving or are you just sick of all the things you don’t really use taking up space in your home? Have you finally come to the point when you don’t have any more space in your house for new things? But you still don’t have the heart to throw away all those old things? If you answered at least one of these questions with a yes then it’s high time you thought about renting storage! Continue reading to find out how to choose the best storage for your valuables.

Benefits of writing a list

Are you trying to create extra space in your home? Before you even start searching for the best storage for your valuables it’s imperative that you write down a list of all the things you plan on putting in storage. There are numerous reasons for that and here are some:

  • How will you know what size you want your storage to be if you don’t know how many things you’ll keep there? Storage units come in different sizes and you should pick one according to your needs. You don’t want to be paying more for a half-empty large storage unit when you could be paying less for medium size one.
  • Imagine if something goes missing or if some natural disaster strikes. Having a list of all your valuables will make it easier for you to notice that something’s not there. And you can just hand over the list to the insurance company and have them replace everything damaged or gone.
  • Do you plan on visiting storage often? If not, it’s easy to forget stuff you don’t use regularly. A list may come in handy if find yourself wondering where did you put an old box, for example.
Notepad, pencil and paper ball
Help yourself by making a list!

Don’t settle for the closest storage for your valuables!

The most common mistake when choosing the best storage for your valuables is picking the closest one. This is a mistake because the fact that it’s close doesn’t mean that it’s the best. You’ll be using your car to get there anyway, so why not drive a little bit longer if it means that your valuables will be in the best storage possible? If you are willing to go a little further and choose storage facilities outside of the city actually you’ll probably get a lot more for your money. For they’ll be more willing to strike a deal with you.

If you’ve already hired a moving company for your relocation ask them if they have storage facilities. Or if you ever moved and were satisfied with the work of a moving company it’s worth a shot calling them and asking if they have storage facilities. Movers that offer the right kind of service have their own storage facilities and if you’re using them for relocation maybe you can get a discount on a storage unit.

So take time to investigate and ask around for the best storage for your valuables. Research the Internet, read all the reviews you can find. And only then decide on at least ten storage facilities you feel comfortable renting.

Features of the best storage for your valuables

Depending on the things you’ll keep in storage you can make a priority list of features you want your storage unit to have. Have in mind that the more features you want the more you’ll have to pay.

Well-maintained and clean storage units

No matter what you’ll be using your storage unit for you’ll want it to be clean and well-maintained. If you’ve ever organized your basement you’ve probably found that rats and mice have made holes in your stuff. Rats and insects can easily damage your valuables and you don’t want that. So when you visit potential storage facilities keep an eye on the tidiness. Some storage facilities offer maintenance as an extra service. So you can choose if you want them to keep your storage unit clean or you want to do that yourself.

Security features of the best storage for your valuables

Another thing you’ll want no matter what is well-secured storage. This means that both the whole storage facility and your storage unit have high-quality security systems. So it should have security features like video surveillance that covers the whole area, access code for entry, security guards, well-lit indoor and outdoor areas, storage units that have their own door alarms, etc. The more security features it has the more protected your valuables will be. In order to ensure this, always get storage from reputable storage companies only.

Loose padlock
Choose only a storage unit that has high-quality security features

Climate controlled units

If you plan on keeping your art collection, musical instruments, photographs, books, and things that are sensitive to humidity you will want a climate-controlled unit. You’ll have to pay more for this but it’s better than having your valuables ruined. Furthermore, the best storage for your valuables will have this feature.

24-hour access to the storage

All storage facilities have a security guard on the premises 24/7. But that doesn’t mean that you can access your storage unit any time you want to. If you want 24-hour access to your valuables you’ll have to pay more for it.

Analogue classic clock
Think about how much access to your storage you’ll be needing

Take a tour

When you’ve made your list of potential storage facilities and decided which features you want it to have it’s time to find the best storage for your valuables. So now is the time to visit each storage and see firsthand if it’s the perfect one for you. Do this the same way you would if you were comparing moving companies. Once there, pay attention to cleanliness, security features, and the way workers behave.

Insist on visiting the unit you’ll get. That way you can make sure that it has all the features you’ll be paying for. You’ll see if the area around it is well-secured. Again, keep an eye on the state of the unit and if it has all the security features you want.

Time to bargain

Most storage facilities offer the first month for free or for 1$. And that’s great! But the best storage for your valuables will give you a discount in the long run too. You will only have to bargain for it. Don’t quit so easily! They know you can just go to some other storage facility and they don’t want to lose a customer. After you’ve settled for a price double-check your contract before you sign it. Look for hidden fees and features you said you didn’t want. Hopefully, you’ll get the best storage for your valuables with these tips.

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