Bulky items are a bit more complex to move. What you must do is ensure they remain in one piece, while keeping the walls intact. If you wonder how to avoid wall damage during a move, take a look at this short guide our tea at Moving Experts US Chicago prepared for you. You may also contact us for professional moving assistance and have the smooth relocation you wish for.

Make your home clutter-free

Before you even start looking for cheap movers Chicago has to offer, declutter every part of your home. Start with your bedroom. Separate every clothing piece and decor you want t get rid of. Pack them carefully in the boxes and label the sides with a permanent marker. Write “for sale” if you want to sell them, and “donate” if the items are intended for charity. Do the same with the kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Make sure to throw away expired products broken and ripped items, and so on. If possible, separate recyclable items (wood, plastic, and glass) into a box or bin.  The less clutter you have on your way, the easier it will be to safely move kitchen appliances, furniture, and other demanding items.

colorful furniture
Move one item at a time.

Clear entry and exit routes of your home. Avoid cleaning the floors shortly before the moving preparations. Moving heavy items while the floors are wet and slippery won’t do you any good. If you have pets, ask someone to take care of them until you’re done with moving tasks.

Carefully move each item that relies on the wall

There have to be more than two people to properly displace all bulky items and leave the wall intact. So, grab a phone and ask your friends and family to help you out. Move one item at a time. Have someone holding the door and giving directions.

Contact a reputable moving company

Items like bulky wardrobes, large sofas, and pianos require professional moving assistance. Whether you need long-distance or specialized piano movers Chicago, ensure the company is among the best ones. Research their previous moving projects and read testimonials. Once you are sure the company is legit and capable of handling the move, add it to your list of other reputable movers. Book their free quotes, compare them and give a call to a company that suits you best time and budget-wise.

focused woman estimating moving costs
If you aren’t sure how to avoid wall damage during a move, hire moving professionals.

Check if the company offers other necessary services as well:

Specialized movers will avoid wall damage while moving bulky items

So, how to avoid wall damage during a move and speed up the moving process? The answer is – by hiring capable movers. Only professionals with experience can make your move a lot easier and minimize damage and mess. Fortunately, there are many moving companies in the city of Chicago that make any move seamless. So, take time to research before you choose the right movers.

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