Every moving process can be really stressful. You will have to prepare, make checklists, sort out your budget but also think of your health. With a lot of things on your mind, you will try to rush the moving process and to finish it as fast as you can. This is where you are making a mistake! Being healthy is the most important thing and you should take care of yourself during the move, too. We will give you some advice on how to avoid injuries on a moving day!

How to avoid injuries on a moving day?

If you hire a professional moving company you will make your local move easy. Every professional moving company has a lot of years of experience in the moving industry. Their well-trained and devoted workers will pack and relocate your belongings safely and fast. So, one of the best solutions, in order to avoid injuries on a moving day, is to hire a professional mover.

However, some people decide to go through the moving process alone, without a mover. In this case, you will have to prepare yourself, physically and mentally. If you are planning to do everything properly and go through the move without any injuries, you will have to pay attention to these things:

  • Stretch before you start lifting
  • Know your limits
  • Lift boxes and furniture properly
  • Pack boxes correctly
  • Use proper tools
  • Ask for help
  • Wear proper clothes
How to avoid injuries on a moving day? SImple, hire a professional moving company!
A professional moving company will assist you with your move or do the job themselves.

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Stretch before you start lifting

One of the most important things, in order to avoid injuries on a moving day, is to stretch! If you stretch before you start lifting, your muscles will be relaxed and ready for carrying and moving items from your house to the moving truck.

But, it is highly recommended to start exercising at least two months before the move. It is better to prepare yourself physically than to suffer from any kind of injury on a moving day. Also, exercising is good and healthy so you might consider exercising even if you are not moving.

Know your limits

If you are trying to lift something that’s heavier than you can actually carry, don’t! Doing this, you will increase your risk of pulling a muscle or sustaining injury. If you are not sure how much does a box or any item weight, try pulling up one corner and you will see is it safe to lift up or not. Avoid injuries on a moving day by asking some friends or family for help!

Bent over male with a back pain or injury.
Back injuries are the most common ones during the moving process.

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Lift boxes and furniture properly

Lifting boxes and furniture can cause injuries if you are not lifting them properly. So, always spread your legs, bend over with your knees, never with your back. Keep your back straight and upright all the time and lift with your legs. This is the best technique in order to avoid injuries on a moving day.

Keep the boxes close to your body while you are carrying them and try not to make any sudden movements. If you do that you can cause an injury to any part of your body, not only back. Do not forget to take a lot of breaks and rest your body and muscles. Also, drink a lot of water and eat properly, that is very important if you want to stay healthy during the move.

Pack boxes correctly

Use different sizes of boxes and don’t overpack them. Spread the weight all over the box because that will make it easier for carrying. Combine heavy and light items when you are placing them into a box and fill up all the empty space. Secure each box with packing tape and label it before you load it inside of a moving truck.

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A few different sized boxes.
Try to spread the weight evenly inside of a box.

Use proper tools

In order to avoid injuries on a moving day, you will have to use proper tools. If you are hiring a moving company you won’t have to think of packing or any tools. On the other hand, if you have decided to do everything yourself, you will have to get proper tools on time.

  • A hand truck or dolly
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Packing tape, ropes
  • Scissors and packing knife
  • Gloves for your own protection

Ask for Help

You should also ask some of your family members, friends or neighbors for help. It will be easier to lift up heavy items, such as a refrigerator or laundry machine, and place them onto a hand truck if you have some help. Avoid excess strain or exhaustion by asking friends for help. It is easier if a few people divide a piano weight.

Wear proper clothes

Another way to avoid injuries on a moving day is to wear proper clothes. if you have to climb up and down the stairs, to move items through the tight hallways, you will definitely get tired. Moving is very physically demanding. Also, try to avoid moving during the winter because the cold, snow and rain will make your move harder and difficult. Let’s see now what should we wear on a moving day:

  • In order to avoid scrapes and cuts, you should wear clothing that covers all of your body
  • Avoid trips, falls and injuries to your feet by wearing closed-toe shoes with a good grip
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands
  • Weather-appropriate clothing will protect you from the elements, especially if you are moving during the winter. Proper clothes during the winter will protect you from frostbite.
  • If you have to take off your shoes when you are getting inside of a house, use gripper socks. This is how you will protect yourself from slipping and sliding.

And this is how you avoid injuries on a moving day. Take care of yourself and everything will be fine! Good luck and have a good move!

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