Planning to move nearby? Even a local move requires detailed planning. So, don’t let short distance make you believe that every local move is cheap. Instead of being wrong about the upcoming charges, it’s better to do preparations. A local move is usually referred to as an intrastate move, differing from interstate move. However, even if you don’t have to cross a border when moving to your new home, you will need to pay the price for a certain distance you have to cross. Also, there are other factors that will determine the price of your local move. Don’t know all of them? Luckily, we know it all and will share our knowledge with you. So, if wondering how much does a local move cost, stay with our US moving experts and find out. We will give our best to help you calculate and prepare your budget for the upcoming move. 

Want to find out how much does a local move cost?

If you what to get as precise an answer as possible, we understand you. It is clear you are not just curious. In case you need to find ways to determine the price of your local move, it is not just about your curiosity. Planning and calculating a moving budget is a complex task. If you don’t want to make any mistake while preparing a moving budget, follow our advice.

Time and money
The local move requires your time and money.

First, you need to decide which items you will bring with you. And then you should ask your local movers Chicago for moving estimates. In case you own any special items heavy and hard to move, you can expect higher costs when you get a moving estimate. Of course, before you agree on the estimate you have got, make sure to ask about the included services. It is important to know if there will be any additional fees or potential charges you do not expect. As no one likes unexpected costs, make sure to prevent them by asking your movers for any misunderstanding.

How much does a local move cost on average?

If you want to know the amount of the average local move, you are in the right place. According to recent studies, the average price for a local move is $1,250. Importantly, this estimate is based on a 2 – 3 bedroom move of approximately 7,000 pounds. Every moving company has its own way to determine the prices for its services. Nonetheless, the most moving companies base the prices for a local move on a flat dollar amount per hour. If you are impatient to find out the punctually amount of your upcoming move, be free to contact us. We will take care of you to get free moving estimates but also to answer your question about additional moving services that cost extra.

Let’s calculate the approximate price for a local move.

Get ready to let us know your needs

Be prepared to let us know where you are moving from but also the destination of your new home. Also, the size of your move is important. Will you need any packing services? Are you flexible about your move date? Or your move is urgent because of your new job, school, or any other reason? We will make sure to take all of these factors into consideration in order to give you an accurate cost estimate from high-quality movers.

Factors that affect your moving costs

Want to start calculating moving costs? Remember to consider all factors and all possible moving expenses. These determining factors for moving cost include:

  • Travel fees. Although you are moving nearby, you need to pay for fuel costs. Travel fees will add up quickly if you opt for a longer distance.
  • Size of your move. This aspect is especially important when you want to know how much does a local move costs. To get the right answer you will need to give an answer. Are you planning to move a lot of stuff? As more items you packed, as heavier your shipment of belongings will be. Unfortunately, this could result in a cost increase. The best solution is to declutter your home before the move. you can even organize a garage sale and get rid of valuables you don’t use anymore. If you have enough time, make sure to donate all items you did not sell. So, make sure to have as few belongings to move, and the less expensive your move will be.
How much does a local move cost
Do you have enough moving supplies?

Additional costs for a local move

If we are talking about the perfect scenario where your items could be packed without any help, then the cost of your local move can be more than affordable. Nevertheless, in most cases, we don’t have enough time and knowledge to pack all our possession without help. Or you had purchased packing supplies from Amazon and now we see that is not enough to pack our fragile items. Additionally, there could also be a situation when you can’t bring certain items, but you still want to keep them as a part of your property. In this case, the storage unit is a perfect solution. So, here is the list of additional costs you may need to pay for when moving locally:

  • Packing services. This expense could save you a few days. Especially if you own large, bulky items hard to protect without the right supplies. Although hiring a packing service is a convenient way to pack your belonging, it is also more expensive. Hiring professional packers to pack up your property could cost you an extra few hundred dollars or even more.
  • Carrying and loading your items onto a moving truck. Don’t forget sometimes it is necessary to have the right equipment to lift and move certain giant items. That is why you may need to pay more money and avoid moving injuries. Also, this will mean extra protection for your fragile items. Those fragile items could be damaged and destroyed during the carrying and loading without the required knowledge.
  • Storage unit. Renting storage sometimes is the best option for a flawless organization.
  • Moving supplies for special items are also connected with how much does a local move cost.

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