Are you considering hiring professional movers? The biggest question we have when opting for this is how much do full service movers cost? In this article, we will help you get an approximate evaluation of the costs of your move. But remember, no matter the cost, hiring US moving experts is the best way to secure the longevity of your items and a positive relocation experience.

a man using his laptop to calculate how much do full service movers cost before moving
Professional moving companies offer their clients evaluations of the moving costs before the move

Because relocation often gets overwhelming, people tend to opt for hiring a service to help them prepare. Professional moving companies can offer their clients a variety of services, depending on the type of move the client wants. Because of this, we will help you do the math and figure out approximately how much it will cost for you to hire them in different situations.

The cost of your move will depend on your needs

Your total moving costs don’t depend solely on the distance you have to move and the items you have. The amount of personal property you own can make a difference in the cost. So be prepared for that. In the following list we will point out some of the main factors that might affect the price of the move:

  • What distance are you moving to?
  • How bulky or heavy are your belongings?
  • Do you require a full-service move or not?
  • How approachable is your home for the moving truck?

Essentially, the longer the distance is for your move and the more items you move, the higher the cost will be. If you are wondering how much a local move costs, do not worry. Because those are often the cheapest moves you can find. Nonetheless, with a good amount of research and preparation you can easily make the move fit your budget and needs.

How much do full service movers cost and what advantages do they offer?

Paying the full price for the move can create a difference in your budget. However, if you ever relocated by yourself you know how overwhelming it can be. Because of that, opting for a full-service move is something that might burn your pocket. But it will help your mental state. By paying the full-service price, you make sure that the movers pack your items, use adequate equipment to load items, properly transport and finally, unload and unpack your items. On top of all that, you can always opt for an insurance contract or rent a storage unit to store your stuff until further notice. Yes, opting for this option might be a bit expensive. But it will make the whole process a lot easier for you.

How much do full service movers cost on average?

The location to which you are moving is playing a huge part in how much you will spend. Moreover, all the items you have to transport also play a huge role. The average moving cost for moving under 100 miles is about $80-$100 per hour. However, moving over 100 miles and on the long-distance can be quite expensive. The price range can vary between $2000-$5000 per move.

an elderly couple consulting with the moving expert about the value of the move
Knowing the average cost of the move will give you a somewhat better insight into how much the move will cost

The best part about hiring professional moving companies, like full service movers Chicago, is that the moving company gives you an evaluation of costs before you move. This step is crucial to deciding how much you will spend. It will also give you the best insight into your budget status.

Long-distance moves and the costs you might encounter

Unlike moving locally, long-distance moves cost quite a bit. However, the upside of it is that you will be paying a flat-fee from your starting point to the ending point. Moreover, the number of items you transport and its complexity can add up to the value. In regular circumstances, you can pay from $2000 up to $5000 per move. Unlike local distance, you will not be paid by the hour. Instead, by the amount of time the movers have to transport your items. If you are moving long-distance, there are many reasons why you should hire a company that can provide storage. When thinking about how much do full service movers cost you must also take into consideration some additional expenses you might encounter. These are things like how approachable your home is for the moving truck and are there any speciality items.

What factors decide the cost of the move?

There are three major factors that play a part in the moving cost:

  • The weight of your items
  • The amount of labour needed
  • The mileage from your location to your new home

These three factors will determine how expensive or cheap your move will be. Moreover, many professional moving companies will gladly send a worker to help you evaluate the cost of the move. So, before you even start the move, you will know what the cost will be. However, as mileage plays a big part in the moving process, this might be the most expensive aspect of it.

Can you reduce the costs of the move?

When thinking about how much do full service movers cost you might come to the conclusion that you can reduce those costs. One simple thing you can do is to declutter and get rid of everything you might not need. Because you cannot reduce the number of miles to your new home, you can reduce the weight and the labour needed for the move.

a couple sitting in the living room de-cluttering their belongings
Decluttering is beneficial both for the reduction of the moving cost and the overall moving experience

These two factors can help you save some money and reduce the costs of the move. For instance, throw away an old couch you have or a dusty bookshelf. Lowering the number of items you move will lower the amount of labour needed and the weight of the transport.

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