However and wherever you are moving to, it is going to be more or less expensive. Moving to Chicago is no different. It is a tiring and stressful process everyone will most likely go through at least once. It obviously, takes a toll financially, too. Luckily, there are some ways to cut costs, so you’ll be able to successfully move without breaking the bank. You should consider making a plan and going over all the expenses. Whether you decide to relocate by yourself or hire a professional moving company, moving on a tight budget in Chicago is a doable task!

Be as flexible with your moving date as possible

It is of great help for your budget to avoid moving during the peak season. This means that you should aim to schedule your Chicago move during the colder months. With most people looking to relocate during the summer, moving companies are often offering lower prices during the winter season. This also applies to the weekdays, relocating on the weekend is more expensive. So, a weekday during the winter would be ideal for moving on a tight budget. Contact local movers Chicago for a smooth move.

A couple holding moving boxes
Saving money on moving boxes is a great way to cut costs when moving on a tight budget to Chicago.

Try to avoid overpaying for moving boxes

Moving boxes are going to be a necessity for your relocation. However, people tend to overpay for them, whereas it can be good to try and save some money here. Instead of buying moving boxes, you can first try and see if you have old cardboard boxes laying around somewhere, or ask your friends and family if they have some to borrow. You could also consider professional packing services. Another great option to consider, especially if you work in an office, would be to check if your workplace has unnecessary boxes you could use.

Try to declutter unnecessary items when moving on a tight budget to Chicago

We all have belongings that we no longer need or use, but they are still around the house somewhere. A great way to cut moving costs is to make an inventory of things you don’t want to move with you. Then proceed by decluttering those possessions, to lessen the number of items that need transport. If you choose to move with furniture movers Chicago, or on your own, fewer items to relocate to Chicago means a less expensive move.

Sell as many items as you can

Selling items you don’t need is a win-win situation when relocating on a tight budget. After you declutter anything you won’t be needing for your move, you want to see if anything still has value and is worth selling. There are multiple easy ways of selling:

  • a yard sale
  • an auction for any high-value items
  • a garage sale
  • online.
Outdoors sale of clothes can be of help when moving on a tight budget in Chicago
Hosting a yard sale can get you some extra cash and get rid of the clutter!

Take care of utilities in time when moving on a tight budget

Be sure to cancel your old utilities in time, to avoid any unnecessary payments when you move. Some companies will charge you for a full month of utilities, even if you only use them for a week. Have this in mind, and check with your providers to ensure the best cancellation dates when moving on a tight budget in Chicago.

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