It’s finally time to move and it’s only a matter of what company will be hired for the job. The moving industry is generally very trust-worthy because of the nature of the work. However, there are always moving companies that will try to scam you. That’s why we at US Moving Experts Chicago decided to give you some advice on how to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago. Always look at the moving quotes, prices, and availability of the movers. Only if you stay alert can you avoid a scam.

Check online to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago

If you’re trying to avoid scams why not use the internet? It’s the biggest storage space of information in the world for a reason. Because of that, it’s time to check out moving companies online and see if there’s something unusual about them. You can see all the information and reviews you’ll need to make a well-informed decision. For example, our local movers Chicago will be on top of every list online because they are very reputable and reliable. But also be aware that there are many fake reviews and fraudulent sites in general that give bad information. For that reason, stay alert while browsing the web trying to find the movers that will fit your needs in the best possible way.

A person looking for reviews online
Stay away from moving companies that have a bad reputation online

Ask around for reputable movers to avoid scams

If you’re not sure that you’ll get an honest opinion online, try asking around the neighborhood. If someone in your local area had a move recently ask them for a recommendation. There’s nothing better than to hire movers that have a good reputation with people you know. Contrary to the online reviews, when people propose good residential movers in Chicago to you, it can be a sign that they’re good at their job. Another positive side of asking people for suggestions is that you’ll know the people who gave you the information and feel better than looking up opinions of random people online.

Is there something off with the pricing?

When hiring movers you need to pay close attention to moving quotes. All moving companies will have free estimates available, but a legitimate business will be more precise to the real price even with a free moving quote. Above all when it comes to long-distance movers in Chicago for example, they will visit you and look at your home directly. That’s how the real professionals make the perfect and most precise estimates possible. On the other hand, fraudulent movers will only keep it on the free estimate. Another piece of advice when you try to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago is that you never accept paying up in front. Even a small part in advance is a big sign that you might’ve come across a scamming moving company.

100 dollar bills
Watch out for the price if you want to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago

Check their address and contact info

An honest company will always be happy to share information with you. Even more so, they are obliged in certain areas to be as transparent as possible. But how to avoid problematic movers? Well, if there’s an address or contact information check them out as best as you can. Some of them will have fake addresses that lead nowhere or even phone numbers that aren’t in service or even worse connected to scammers. Obviously, the best thing would be to give the moving company a visit if that’s possible. We know that it’s not always likely, but there’s nothing better than seeing storage or a fleet of moving trucks with the company logo. Only by doing all that can you be sure you’ve got honest movers on the job.

Are they willing to give you all the paperwork you ask for?

Always remember that a moving company has all the paperwork available on request. That’s not because they want to boast about their achievements, but to have proof that they’re a legitimate moving company in the area. For example, a good way to find a reputable moving company is by searching online. But you need to know where to look and how to search for legitimate information. The FMCSA website is a perfect example. You can ask your movers for their USDOT number. If it doesn’t match or they downright don’t give it to you, be worried. In general, if a moving company can’t be found on the FMCSA website, it’s almost 100% a scam.

A bunch of paperwork
A real moving company will have a ton of paperwork to show you they’re legitimate

Avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago by looking them up

If these tips didn’t help you to determine if a moving company is fraudulent we got more. For example, there are websites that grade a business such as the Better Business Bureau. There you’ll see that it’s no place for scamming businesses. If you want to make your search personalized why not call the customer support service? If it’s poor or nonexistent you probably have a problem. Thankfully these scams rarely come to fruition as people are very careful when it comes to moving. If however, something like this happens to you, there’s always the option of talking to your district attorney in Chicago. He can help you understand what are your next steps in that worst-case scenario.

Now that you’ve got all the precise information on how to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago we hope you’ll follow the advice strictly. Remember an honest and respectful moving company will never have problems sharing information with you. On the other hand, a scamming company will try to hide everything as best as they can. From their address to their moving quotes, everything will be shrouded in mystery. We wish you luck with your move and hope you’ll find movers that fit your needs completely!

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