The key word here is research. Making sure you are aware of the qualities of a good mover is the very first step. It should come before packing. Since moving is a stressful process, every household requires help getting the process going. So many unforeseen issues can arise during a move. It is crucial to research and prepare. You should find reliable movers that can assist you in a knowledgeable, professional way.

Hiring a moving company is not a one phone call thing. There are qualities that you should look for in a business before hiring one. Each moving situation is unique. Your family needs are certainly different from that of a single person’s. Experienced professionals are able to create solutions for individual circumstances. For some added help in your research, we offer a description of some qualities of a good mover:

Good mover should check all the boxes
Good mover should check all the boxes.

One of the most important qualities of a good mover is reputation

Keep in mind that maybe not every client will be pleased equally with the same service. Requirements all differ. In this step, it is important to look for an average of customer satisfaction. You can also research deeper about a company’s reputation by checking with the Better Business Bureau. There you can find out if they had any red flags or complaints in the past. Start by looking at online reviews to see the impressions, opinions, and performance of the company.

Get Recommendations – Go to sites like Yelp for an abundance of information, which is now more immediately available than ever.

Screen Your Options – Check that the moving companies you are looking to have a license number issued by the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC). You can call the PUC at 800-366-4782 to determine if a company is licensed and insured.

Good mover has expertise and certifications. 

Moving is a complex and difficult task, depending on how big the move is. However, selecting a good quality mover, makes this process go more smoothly. After you’ve researched their reputation and reliability thoroughly, you can make a commitment. Keep in mind the customer reviews.

A capable moving company should have plenty of professional experience. They should be able to accommodate all your unique needs. This means they are professionals. Qualities of a good mover include being able to conduct moves of different distances. International, out-of-state, long-distance, local, next door. All of the possibilities are smooth sailing for an experienced, professional company. Make sure you contact the company yourself and investigate if they fulfill your requirements. A reliable company will have no problem providing their licensing and certifications.
Moving companies must be licensed and certified federally to move internationally.

Qualities of a good mover: Communication

Some people like to stay in constant contact with their moving company for updates on the moving process. It is important you know what you need and expect from a moving company before hiring someone. Here is where your research comes into play. If you’ve done your fact and reputation checking, in this phase you should not be worried. You can test the level of responsiveness and attentiveness of the company before hiring. That will indicate how client oriented they are. The actual moving process will then be handled in your terms and your communication needs. Customer service is the most important aspect of the moving business, so you should feel secure in your decision with the company.

Communication goes hand in hand with three ground rules:

Punctuality: Time is money. Sticking to a schedule, and not wasting time, should be on the top of your and your movers’ list. Maybe you need to get out of your home or office when you on a certain date. A good mover works to include any unforeseen reschedules and issues on the day of your move.

Cash box and money
Do not save on essentials, it could end up costing you more.

Precision: A good mover values your business because they understand what it means. They have a business too. Precision starts before the move, with estimates. A good mover tells you what to expect and keeps their word. They fulfill expectations, and you should not have any surprises later. This stands especially for accurate estimates. Reliability plays a big role here again. Precision doesn’t stop with the accurate estimate and punctuality though. It is important during the move too: being on point when packing your belongings and transporting them properly.

Professionalism: A reliable and respectable moving company is licensed and insured. This is not even one of the qualities of a good mover, it is a requirement for any professional. Professionalism also implies the mover is completely equipped with proper moving gear and appropriate tools, materials and adequate trucks.

Bonus advice:

Get written estimates – request estimates from several companies and compare. Even then, don’t immediately go for affordable. Cheap doesn’t often go with good quality. Look for value. Pay close attention to what each company is listing as a part of their package. A cheap estimate doesn’t mean you are getting the best value. But if it happens to be so, congratulations on a good find. If you are looking to save money during your move, see our tips and tricks on how to do so in this article.

Good organization

Movers relocate people professionally all the time; therefore, they serve a number of clients on a daily basis. However, this doesn’t by itself mean they are organized. This is, again, where your research does its job, meaning you’ve looked into customer satisfaction reviews. Look through the customer’s comments to see how organized the movers are because it is absolutely necessary that they are. They need to know their assignment at all times. If they have two clients on the same day, then it is vital that they don’t double book. Failing to arrive on time can cause difficulties for both the moving company and the client. If the moving company you are looking into seems even a little bit disorganized, you should continue your search.

Quality means adequate resources

Large items such as couch or dressers should not be moved by people when there are lifts. One of the most important qualities of a good mover is having adequate tools. They should have lifts attached to their trucks to assist them with heavy items. Because they use these specific tools, client’s furniture is safe from damage.

Truck hook
Good equipment is essential.

After deciding which moving company is adequate for you, it is time for hiring. Be available and easy to reach on the day of the move. Keep your mover’s contact information handy and don’t hesitate to call them for any reason.
Once you hire a mover, make sure you are prepared on a moving day. You should also be organized, punctual and reliable. That is how you enjoy a smooth move, with tips and tricks from Good luck!

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