Chicago is a beautiful and large city with many different attractions. It offers various fun activities to people of all ages and interests. So it is only natural that there are also many fun weekend activities in Chicago for couples. With that said, after moving to Chicago, not everyone will know where to go. So we decided to help you out a little!

Chicago Theatre

If you are a fan of the arts, then going to the Chicago Theatre is a must. If you are looking for the best piano movers Chicago companies offer, then you are definitely someone that appreciates art. So why not go and witness some in person? Not only is the theater a beautiful architectural peace, but it is also home to many breathtaking plays.

People in a theater
Fun weekend activities in Chicago for couples include paying a visit to the Chicago theater.

Cruse on lake Michigan

Of course, there will be plenty of things for people that love the great outdoors. Many people think that a city as large as Chicago only has concrete and glass, but that is from being the truth. Along with many beautiful parks, there is also lake Michigan. After Illinois movers, finish their job, you and your partner will have plenty of time to enjoy the cruise on lake Michigan.

Big Bus Chicago Tour is one of the fun weekend activities in Chicago for couples you need to check out

On the other hand, even if you don’t wish to go on a cruise on the lake or look at the local parks, there are other tours worth seeing. One of them is the Big Bus Chicago tour. What should you expect from this tour? Well, expect to see beautiful architecture and many of the city’s breathtaking landmarks. As a matter of fact, after long distance movers Chicago residents recommended help you move here, this is probably the best way to learn more about the city.

The skyline of Chicago city, a city that boast of plenty of fun weekend activities in Chicago for couples
There are many beautiful views in Chicago. And many of them you can see by taking the Big Bus Tour!

History & Natural History Museums

For history lovers, is there a better date option than visiting one of the many famous museums, such as the Field Museum? There are many different types of museums offering different presentations. You can quickly look up the information online and find yourself ticked. Of course, some have new presentations from time to time. And some museums have permanent ones. Knowing this will help you greatly when picking what to see first.

Observation Decks

After moving to Chicago, you will need time to get used to it. Fun weekend activities in Chicago for couples will help us get acquainted with the city in a fun and fast way. One of those activities is visiting the city observation decks. This is an excellent place to take photos, and you can also look at the city skyline. Maybe you can even spot your new home from one of them.