Preparing for a move is not an easy job especially if we transport items that can easily damage. Fragile items packing is the part of the move we all fear because it can take up a lot of free time and consideration. Packing items that are fragile and breakable are the task you should leave to the professionals if you can. If that is not the case, consider our packing tips and prepare for your upcoming relocation without stress.

When to start when packing fragile items?

Packing fragile and breakable items by yourself will require your free time and patience. On the other hand, you should have the most quality packing supplies on hand before you start. Professional movers will advise you to buy professional packing supplies to secure the safety of your belongings in transport. When it comes to breakables and items of high value, your movers can advise you on the best course of action. In some cases, movers will crate your valuable items to secure them from moving and damaging during transport.

wooden crate
Wooden crates are perfect for storing and moving fragile items.

Fragile items packing – how to prepare and what to buy?

Preparing for fragile items packing will be a priority when you have to move valuable items. You should buy plenty of bubble wrapping paper and packing peanuts. Also, you should consider using specialized moving boxes for items that are not regularly shaped. If you are packing every part of your home without assistance, consider using soft cloths for packing., You can also use kitchen towels, cotton t-shirts, and other soft fabrics in your home to secure some fragile items and prevent them from moving inside the moving box. Fragile items packing and transport will be easier if you label each moving box after you pack it.

What to do with highly valuable items?

Items of high value require special attention when packed. Packing fragile items that are very valuable is a job for a professional mover. Moving experts can transport your valuables to storage facility using specialized moving equipment and tools. In most cases, you may not have these tools at your disposal. That is why you should consult your moving company’s relocation experts on fragile items packing methods.

Moving professionals use specialized moving equipment and tools to secure your fragile belongings.

Quality movers that specialize in transport of high-value items, offer various insurance options to choose from. You shouldn’t avoid spending more money on the best insurance policy when moving items of high value. In this situation, your movers will pack and secure items of high value to the best possible standards. Also, they will be responsible for any damage that may occur.

Packing mirrors and large glass items

Fragile items packing may involve securing big and fragile items like old mirrors, expensive chandeliers, and similar items. If you decide to pack these items yourself, consider buying specialized moving boxes for mirrors. You can also use foam frame protectors to secure the corners of the glass. After that, you should carefully wrap the entire items in bubble wrapping paper(more than one layer) and move it carefully.

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