Whether you’re moving across the street, to a neighboring state, or even a different continent, you need to hire professional help. Certain steps need to be taken because moving is never an easy task. One of the most important steps is picking an affordable moving company. But, even that has its own set of challenges. The main challenge is finding a cheap, but still reliable moving company. Cutting corners can often lead to risks which result in loss of time and money. Cheap service is most often not a good service. These two rarely go hand in hand. You need to find the perfect balance if you want to move in the Windy City. Moving companies sometimes tend to rely on unethical methods to draw in customers. So, if you’re looking for an affordable moving company Chicago, but don’t want to risk scam, read on!

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Finding the most affordable moving company Chicago can be quite a challenge

Good research is a good investment!

You simply can’t know which moving company is the best for you without research. A good way to start is to seek recommendations. Talk to people who recently moved among your friends, family, and colleagues. The next step is online research, and if you want to secure your wallet and nerves, it must be done thoroughly. Understandably, most people immediately ask for the price, but there are more determining factors except that. Here is a list of things on what to do and what to look for:

  • Make a list of at least 3 to 5 moving companies. – This step is essential as it gives you the best idea of what you’re dealing with and what to expect.
  • Always look for a license. – A moving company should have a license to operate in their field. Lack of a license is the first sign that the company isn’t trustworthy.
  • Experience. – How experienced is the company with the services they provide? You shouldn’t rely on new companies, so look for movers with a long history and solid experience.
  • Reviews. – Look up customer reviews and testimonials, if there are any. Check both the good and the bad ones. Bad reviews do not define a company. The important thing is how it handles them.
  • Price range. –  Compare the moving prices and estimates of the companies.  Moving companies with a drastically lower price compared to others are suspicious.
  • Payment method. – Check if the company accepts cards, checks, etc. Cash-Only payment is certainly a red flag.
  • Make sure the company can move you. – Different moving companies specialize in different types of moves. Look for companies that match your needs.

Price comparison is key

Once you narrowed down your selection, it’s time to go further. Deciding on the most affordable moving company Chicago will ultimately come down to the price of the service. It is very important to contact each moving company individually and get as much information you can. The first and most important step is getting an estimate of the total price. Most companies offer price estimations via their website, or over the phone. Now you have some tangible numbers to work with.

Ask the moving company for a list of services that are included in the price. You need to know exactly what you’re paying for, seeing as some moving companies add extra services in the price. If you need additional services or want to avoid them to save money, this is essential information. Many companies won’t warn you of potential hidden fees like moving valuable or heavy items, special moving assistance, or specialized vehicles. Get everything on paper to protect yourself from potential fraud. A reliable moving company will explain all the costs in detail and offer solutions that suit your situation best.

Papers being written on in front of a monitor
Extensive research makes all the difference

In-home price estimate seals the deal

Even tho you have all the estimated prices, keep in mind that these numbers can still vary, so you should always ask for an in-home price estimate. This is the best way to determine which moving company is the right one for your needs. Contact the company representative and arrange an In-Home Estimate. This will help both you and the company you are looking to hire. The moving company will be able to have a detailed look at your belongings, and thus properly prepare for the move. Furthermore, they will be able to let you know if any additional cost will appear, which will help with budget planning. The in-house price should be fixed, as opposed to the prices obtained over the phone or websites, and not vary. Knowing all this will help you greatly in selecting the most affordable moving company Chicago.

Affordable moving company Chicago? Too good to be true?

Even tho the 1920s are far behind is, and the old Chicago is now a part of history and cultural heritage, some moving companies will still resort to shady and dishonorable methods to lure in customers. The methods used vary from hidden fees to absurdly low prices which are just too good to be true. Do your best to avoid this, and the easiest way to do so is to look for signs of potential fraud.

Moving truck of an affordable moving company Chicago loaded with furniture
A good moving company will try to meet your demands and provide solutions

Offering a temptingly low price and then serving the customer with a much bigger number once everything is loaded into the truck and weighed is the most common method. Movers will sometimes ask for a large up-front deposit before proceeding with the move. Another method of trapping unsuspecting customers. You should walk away, as this is a red flag. To make sure your items are safe, always ask for the company’s moving insurance. This should always be in written form and any moving company that makes high claims about their policy should be avoided.

Final summation

A good moving company is an economic time saver. It takes a lot of work, extensive research, and number crunching. But you will have the most affordable moving company Chicago that’s perfect for you and your moving needs once you’re done. You will feel good knowing that you saved yourself a lot of time, and most importantly money by dodging those nasty movers that are only after your wallet. With the right company, your move will go as smooth as possible. You might consider your chosen moving company for any upcoming moves, or recommend them to a friend in need, so everybody benefits from this experience. With the help of this guide, your move in the Windy City will be a breeze.

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