Downsizing before a long distance move is crucial for organizing relocation and saving money. Whether moving to a small apartment or not, it would be easier to pack only essentials when moving, especially when organizing moving on long distances, where moving is much more difficult. The first thing you need to do before packing is to hire a professional company with experience in this job. You can find the best company for this job onsite at Moving Experts US Chicago, where all the best companies are. The company will help you with packing and transporting, so you will need to prepare for that job on time and alone.

Downsizing before a long distance move – why is that hard?

Even if you are not prepared for this job, you will need to organize moving professionally and on time. The best way is to start from the items that you do not use at all and then continue with the items that you will not use often. Make sure you have packed only essentials and items you cannot buy on the first days after moving. Choosing the best company from one of the interstate movers Chicago is good.

Downsizing before a long distance move is difficult because of the many items you have

Prepare for downsizing

One of the first things that you should do before moving is to prepare for downsizing. Getting rid of the stuff you are emotionally connected with is not easy. You will need to prepare emotionally and physically for that step. It presumes to make a list of items you do not need anymore or do not use often. It would be helpful to learn how to find low income apartments for rent in Chicago.

  • Tell to yourself why downsizing before a long-distance move is smart and important;
  • Do not forget about the price of moving that could be extremely high because of the unneeded items;
  • Forget about the furniture and robust items – you will easily buy another one after moving.

Make an inventory list

No matter why you are moving and where you will need to organize packing professionally. The easiest way is to make a list of the items you have and start from them. Although you may feel it is a too exhausting process, you will easily pack items for moving using the list. Good long distance movers Chicago that you can find on this list will help you in packing.

Start with decluttering earlier

Even if you feel it is an as easy job, decluttering is more than simply throwing items away. You will need to prepare for the decluttering and have time and concentration for it. Do not prolong the job too much. Start earlier and prepare for this job properly.

Living room
We are emotionally connected to the furniture

Make three piles

Emotional attachment to the things is possible, so it would be difficult to get rid of them. Experts recommend making three piles when downsizing for a long distance move. You will see how easy it is when you choose to throw items away without too much thinking about it. One pile should be for trash, the other one for donating, and the third one for packing. You can include family in this job, too, and start with packing as soon as possible. In that way, downsizing before a long distance move becomes easier and even more fun.


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