If you are about to move to another house or apartment, the thing that will guarantee the success of your moving project is to choose full-service movers. The moving company you choose need to be experienced and competent enough to take care of the toughest aspects of your house move. This is a rule even for a local move, especially for interstate, long-distance relocations. Namely, long-distance relocations are generally more costly and more demanding than local ones. Consequently, that means that you will have to compare long distance moving companies with caution. The best decision you can make is to rely on long distance movers Chicago who can provide you not with high-quality service but also with a piece of advice you might be interested in. So take your seats and read this compressive guide and learn how to compare interstate moving companies.

How to compare long distance moving companies?

We will remind you how important is to be careful about your upcoming decision. Comparing and making the right choice about moving companies you could trust must be both educated and informed. What about your requirements? For sure you want to get the best price, but you also want your movers to do a good job. You expect that they are pleasant to work with, show up on time, and respect your needs as a customer.

Let’s find the best way to make the right choice.

But how to deal with your budget that is primarily and your specific requirements? When comparing interstate movers you should remember that finding cheap service could be tricky. Moreover, you are willing to invest your money only for service you can trust. If you are wondering is it possible to find professional movers Chicago which are affordable at the same time, we are here to resolve your doubts. Apart from all the things you need to prepare before moving abroad, we compiled things you can do when comparing long distance movers. So let’s consider facts and criteria you shouldn’t skip when you analyze long distance moving companies.

Get personal recommendations

If you are moving abroad for the first time, you may feel concerned and confused about where to start searching. First and foremost, it is important to contact people you know and you could trust. It got to be someone who went through a similar experience. At this stage of preparation for moving, your main goal is to get the names of 3-5 moving companies from people who have used them and have been satisfied. In case you don’t know anyone who has moved abroad recently, it does not mean you should be worried. Not only we will help you out find and compare long distance movers but also we will help you out to organize your move as smoothly as possible. So get ready for your next task.

Ask your friends
Firstly, ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations.

Read moving reviews to compare long distance moving companies in the best way

Many years ago getting personal recommendations was the only way to make the best decision. Nowadays, most moving companies can be found on specialized websites such as Yelp, Google Business or other websites. Additionally, these listings usually allow and encourage customer comments and reviews. So when you want to compare long distance moving companies, your first step will be to Google movers in your neighborhood that specialize in long distance movers. As well as that, your second step will be to read customer reviews and comments methodically. Nevertheless, stay away from companies with too many good reviews in a short period, this could be a sign of fraud. If a company has mostly good reviews, it is reason enough to contact them and ask them about details you may be interested in.

Get several estimates and compare them

After you write down a list of 3-5 moving companies, it is time to compare long distance moving estimates. Unfortunately, asking for free, on-site estimates will help you eliminate some of the movers. But actually, that is a piece of good news. If your potential movers are not able to provide you with on-site moving estimates, it can be a red flag. For sure you can get quotes online, which offers better prices than booking over the phone plus guaranteed quotes. On the other hand, on-site quotes are more precisely and they are a great opportunity to meet movers you want to hire. Anyway, reduce the number of companies to 2 to 3 because it is time to move to the next step.

Ask the right questions

Now you are on the halfway of making the right decision. While you are looking into selected movers, you may notice that one moving company gives you a much higher estimate than others. Don’t hesitate and contact the company directly to find out why is that. This will help you out to get further with details that must be covered. For instance, perhaps insurance is included in the estimate while other companies don’t include insurance? This is the moment when you need to choose additional services accordingly to your needs. That also means you will avoid additional fees and expenses by asking the right questions. Here are crucial questions to ask your movers:

  • What kind of liability coverage does your company offer?
  • Are you possess a proper license?
  • How would your company handle emergencies that may come up during the move?
  • Could you provide me with a list of restrictions on what I cannot pack?
  • Does the estimate include a packing service or just moving?
  • Are there any hidden charges?
Compare Long distance Moving Companies
Make sure to ask the right questions.

Write it all down and make the right decision

Getting information from your movers can help you determine which are the best long distance movers. If you already put an effort to ask around, read moving reviews, compare price quotes, and contact interstate movers, write all those information down. Having all the information on the table is a crucial phase before your final decision. After you compare long distance moving companies one more time, everything will get clear. Nonetheless, we will remind you of 5 things to check out on your moving contract before you sign it. Extra caution will save you from regrets. Moreover, it the best way to get trough relocation stress free.

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