Storages have different purposes. They can hold your items during a move, or help you get the clutter or access furniture out of your house. Some can even be used for your business. Many US Moving experts will agree that they are highly important and can be a huge help. But what are some common storage mistakes you should avoid?

Storage and size

For people who are using storage for the first time, the first problem comes right away when picking its size. It doesn’t sound like a common storage mistake you should avoid right? Well in this case size does matter. We understand that saving money for some is important but in the long run, it doesn’t pay off. All of your items can be damaged if jammed packed into a small space. So when contacting your service provider make sure to ask about all the sizes and kinds of storage at their disposal.

Woman standing in front of storage
One of the common storage mistakes you should avoid is picking the wrong type of storage for your items.

Be organized

It doesn’t sound like a big deal right? But when you think about it some more it becomes one of the storage mistakes you should avoid.  Just randomly placing things in the storage will make a mess later on when you need to retrieve something. Make sure you also take a record of all the items in storage for precaution measures. Also, watch the state of items while you pack them. Make sure nothing is wet or damp. As dampness can create mold, and in a closed environment like a storage non of your things will be safe. If you think you won’t need some furniture a better option is to donate it to Furniture Bank or sell it than to keep it in storage where it takes away room.

Type of storage

A big storage mistake you should avoid is picking any storage at your disposal. For some items, you will need different types of storage depending on where you live. For example in storage Chicago if you have cold-sensitive items it’s best to pick temperature-controlled storage, as Chicago is known for its cold winters. So make sure your items are safe and warm.

Common storage mistakes you should avoid is not packing your items nicely
Make sure you pack everything nice and secure. There is no telling how long those items will be stored so make sure to protect them.

Storage company

At least do some basic research about your storage company. There are many companies that are frauds, or won’t take care of your items properly. Especially if you have items of a higher value cost or sentimental value, you will need to know they are in good hands. In this regard, the internet and reviews are a great help, as well as paperwork and insurance. Pay attention to the location and features like 24/7 monitoring or controlled gate access. They may even have flexible working hours as well as packing assistance. So asking them before about specifics before you set your mind on it will help you distance yourself from any storage mistake you should avoid.



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