Your moving costs with international movers Chicago will be influenced by many factors specific to your move. It is critical to find a mover with an upfront pricing model and clear terms and conditions on how they handle your moving day variables. As the customer, you must also be truthful with your mover and provide as much information as possible about your move and any special requirements you may have for your upcoming moving day to avoid any hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance.

How to avoid unexpected fees

Receiving an on-site estimate at your home is the best way to avoid surprises. The moving company representative will be able to see any potential challenges, both within and outside your home. You can discuss additional services and their associated costs with the estimator while he is at your home. Make a list of any items that may require special handling or packing.

person counting dollar bills
Receiving an on-site estimate at your home is the best way to avoid hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance

Timing is everything

Determine the type of moving services Chicago you require. Due to high demand, bad weather, or holiday disruptions, the day of the week and time of year you choose can result in up to 20% higher rates. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, ask your mover about discounts for a lower-demand day of the week and the quietest time of the month.

The distance can affect hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance

Because of mileage, fuel, tolls, and other distance considerations, the distances required to travel from your pick-up and drop-off locations will logically influence your moving costs. When quoting your move, long distance movers Chicago take distance into account. Longer distance moves may include third-party vendors with whom your mover has an agreement for specialized services while traveling from point A to point B. These can have an impact on your moving costs.

Fees for special item handling

Heavy or oversized items, such as custom furniture or pianos, usually come with an additional charge. They require special care and handling. Inquire with your mover about how they will handle these items on the day of the move. Ask them what their additional service charges are for such items.

Shuttle service

If a large moving truck cannot get close enough to your home, for example, due to vehicle size restrictions or a remote location, a smaller vehicle will be required to transport your belongings from your home to the truck or from the truck to your home. This may also be referred to as auxiliary service on your bill of lading.

Stairs/flight fee

If your home has stairs that the professional movers Chicago must use to transport your belongings to and from the truck, confirm with the moving company how they bill in these cases. Some movers start charging after a certain number of flights.


If your building has an elevator, but it is not in working order, and some of your items are too bulky or inaccessible, you may be charged the stair/flight charge. Once your moving and delivery dates have been confirmed, reserve the elevator in both locations if possible.

elevator buttons
If your elevator isn’t working, you might be charged the stair/flight charge

Storage in transit

Storage in transit, also known as SIT, is common when moving long distance. Many reliable moving companies offer free storage for a limited time. After that, there is a fee to store your belongings.

In a nutshell

Don’t be surprised by the hidden and forgotten costs of moving long distance. Moving is an expensive venture. We compiled this list of unexpected moving expenses to save you from unpleasant surprises during your move.


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