Moving your entire business can be tricky. It will be very hard to move the entire team of employees, plus all the high-value equipment and electronics. If you ask US moving experts, having a plan and a good organization are key for successful office relocation. For this reason, it is desirable to have a solid commercial moving checklist. This way, you won’t get overwhelmedYou will know what to do before, during, and after the move. You will be less pressured by the move and your business won’t suffer due to relocation. Here a few things you should have in your moving checklist. 

The first things to do from your commercial moving checklist 

You should start planning office move at least 3-6 months prior to the moveStarting earlier will help you reduce stress when planning a big move. The first thing to do is to check your current lease. See what are the consequences of terminating a lease earlier and if you will be responsible for the possible property damage. In process of transportation, some of the ore important or expensive pieces of technology can be damaged. To replace or fix this equipment would cost a lot of money. A less expensive solution would be to get moving insurance to cover any accidents. 

In addition to this, everyone in the company should be notified about the move. For this reason, hold a meeting with the staff and establish a planning team. Their responsibility is to make a budget for the move. If you are relocating long distances, the planning team should also make a cross-country moving checklist very early on. 

people sitting around the table
Make sure to talk with your team about the relocation

Consider hiring professional movers  

Every move is complicated. However, when you have to move the whole company with many employees, the move will be even more difficult.  For this reason, hiring commercial movers Chicago will be a smart idea. Professionals have all the necessary equipment and skills for the job, which can include the following.

  • packing services 
  •  labeling moving boxes 
  •  transport 
  • unpacking

Before hiring any moving company, explore which company fits into your budget and if they have the service you need. However, if you have some extra items you don’t need at the moment, storage Chicago is the perfect solution for you. If you are on a tight budget, move only the equipment and electronics that are essential for the company. 

people having a meeting
Make a list of moving-related tasks to stay well organized

What to do after the move 

Your commercial moving checklist should also include what to do when you move to another place. Include all the employees in unpacking and organizing the new office. This way your business will start much sooner. Test electronics, Wi-Fi, phones, cable connections, and IT systems to see if they all work perfectly. In addition to this, change your address on the advertisements and notify all your clients and business partners. After this stress of the move, make a small party with everyone involved to celebrate a successful move. 

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