Have you decided to move to Chicago? Instead of being excited about a new city, you are sad and anxious. Is it because of the moving process? Hiring professional movers is a solution. Here at US Moving Experts and we can understand all your problems before and during the move. Not only to understand but also to help you in the best possible way. After reading this article, it will easy for you to realize that everything is possible if you rely on our service. Instead of hustle, stay happy about lovely Chicago’s neighborhoods. Just keep searching for Chicago’s best neighborhoods for millennials. Let us do moving for you and you just get ready to feel special in this amazing city. A new chapter of life is in front of you. In addition, in one of the best cities in the US. 

How to choose between Chicago’s best neighborhoods for millennials?

The Windy City is a hotspot for millennials, absolutely. According to Forbes, from 2010 to 2015, the core city population of educated millennials increased by 15.27 percent. So you will certainly enjoy researching Chicago’s best neighborhoods for millennials. Moreover, you could look into our simple guide before moving to Chicago. Undoubtedly, the younger professional crowd has so many reasons to love this city. For example, great food, vibrant environment, the thriving craft beer scene, and iconic music venues.

North avenue beach Lincoln Park- one of Chicago's Best Neighborhoods for Millennials.
Are you ready for unforgettable summers on beaches in Chicago?

Extra advice

Anyone who has ever lived in one of Chicago’s neighborhoods could give you advice for preparation. Get ready for Chicago’s winter! Winter is not over until May. Opposite to winter, summer is the time of year when the city really comes alive and vibrant. You will fall in love with Windy City, indeed. Make a plan and consider your needs even if you moving locally, to the near neighborhood. And then choose local moving service accordingly to your items. You will be surprised how smooth and fast your move could be. Moreover, you could save not only time but also some money.

Snowstorm in one of Chicago's Best Neighborhoods for Millennials.
Get ready to survive a Chicago blizzard winter.

Chicago’s Best Neighborhoods for Millennials in 2019

Here are a few of Chicago’s neighborhoods favored by millennials:

  • Lincoln Park
  • Old Town
  • River North
  • Streeterville
  • Logan Square
  • Roscoe Village
  • New East Side
  • Magnificent Mile
  • Lakeview
  • Bucktown / Wicker Park

Bucktown / Wicker Park

A couple of years ago, this place was a magnet for artists looking for a cheap place to rent in Chicago. The most of people in Bucktown are considered part of the younger crowd. Are you looking for one of the city’s prime art and concert hubs? You can enjoy high-quality restaurants in this area, well known for its unconventional style. Can you imagine an art show followed by a world-class meal on Friday night? If this sounds like your piece of cake, this is Chicago’s best neighborhood for you. Wicker Park ranks as a walkable neighborhood in the city and gives it high marks for public transit options and bike-ability.


For example, if you live in Lakeview, you’re just minutes from the center of the action. Lakeview includes the area where you can find restaurants and sports-themed bars. Actually, here you will also find all kinds of bars and bustling nightlife. In addition even tons of comedy clubs. Otherwise, if you enjoy getting outdoors or sunny days out on the water, it is a perfect place for you. Definitely, one of the Chicago’s Best Neighborhoods for Millennials.

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