Every long-distance move requires you to have true professionals on your side. However difficult your move might seem it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re completely safe. And of course, your items too. If you choose the US Moving Experts you won’t make a mistake, that’s for sure.  But even if you use our services it’s good to have some to protect yourself. One of them is having an inventory. Here’s how checking your inventory after a long-distance move can help you after your relocation. 

Why is it important to make an inventory when moving?

Sometimes when people are moving they take with them what they do and don’t need. Unfortunately, that takes a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, if you start by planning and organizing on time and making an inventory your relocation can actually be easier to handle. Even our local movers will make sure that they remind you of the importance of it. Be it that you’re having a DIY type of move or do it with professionals, it can be a great tool to help you out. It’s very important as checking your inventory after a long-distance move can be helpful to find out what’s possibly missing and what got damaged in transport. Above all, it can be a kind of insurance policy if something goes wrong.

A smiling girl around moving boxes
Making an inventory can make your long-distance easier to handle

How to create an inventory?

The next step is actually putting pen to paper and to start making an inventory. It may sound simple, but a long-distance move will probably require you to put dozens of items on it. If you find yourself to be lost at times with it, you can use online tools and guides on how to make it as there are a lot of them available. Whatever you choose, our long-distance movers will always tell you to pick the template that fits you the best. That’s because if you personalize your move as much as you can it will be much easier and more fun to do.

Taking photos is a foolproof method to know the state of your belongings

There’s a lot of talk of insurance when you’re moving. And even more, if it’s a long-distance or an interstate relocation. However, what if we tell you that there is a way to be safe and not pay anything? It’s very simple. Be it that you’re putting items in a storage unit or packing them for a move, it’s important to take pictures of them. It’s great evidence in case of a dispute with your movers as you have visual evidence that your belongings were in good condition before the move. With professionals, this rarely happens, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Taking photos can make checking your inventory after a long-distance move easier

How to approach checking your inventory after a long-distance move?

If you have everything ready and on a piece of paper it’s time to wait for movers. It’s not bad to even have copies of your inventory just in case you lose it. After the movers arrive at your new home, it’s time to put your inventory to use. Make sure that everything is in order and to learn properly to create an inventory, it’s important to learn the best ways of checking your inventory after a long-distance move. Actually, this needs to start with packing. Make sure that you pack things together. So that when you write an inventory you can write them down in that order. It will make the whole process easier to handle.

Sign the papers after checking your inventory after a long-distance move

If you’re moving long-distance with a professional company, you need to know about the obligations. It’s important that both you and the company have things that you have to do. One of them is that you need to sign the papers after everything arrives at your home. Thankfully, this is one of the reasons why you make an inventory. To be completely secure. All the steps beforehand had the purpose to help you at this point of the move. Of course, make sure to check all the small details of the bill you’re signing. With an honest and professional moving company, you don’t have to worry. But being cautious and reading through everything is never a bad idea. And respectful movers will never mind you doing that.

A person signing papers
Don’t forget to sign the papers when everything is done

What to do if your belongings are damaged after checking your inventory after a long-distance move

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that your items get damaged or broken during transport. With true professionals, it’s very rare, but it happens. That’s one of the main reasons for insurance policies that you’re offered when moving long-distance. If you pick a moving company using the Better Business Bureau or similar third-party websites everything is easier. They offer you multiple policies and make sure your items are safe. In case of any disputes, having photos is a great tool. However, with reputable companies, it’s as easy as calling their office and settling it. On the other hand, you can always file a claim or even take your movers to court. But those extremes rarely happen.

It’s never a bad idea to keep yourself and your belongings secure. By using professional moving services half of the job is done. But by keeping an inventory you’re making sure that you’re going to have a successful move and the security you need. That’s the importance of checking your inventory after a long-distance move as it makes everything easier. In case of any disputes, if you follow our advice, you will have the upper hand. However, we wish you will never have to use the inventory for those purposes.

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