Interstate moving tips for 2021

Moving anywhere is always easier when you have a good guide. Such is the case with interstate moving tips for 2021! In the following article, you can read how you can properly plan your relocation, as well as how to use our US Moving Experts website to organize your relocation with ease. Here is what […]

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Services furniture movers offer

Moving your furniture is something that requires a lot of time and patience. Especially if you are moving antique pieces of furniture. It can be really hard to organize all that, and because of it, you should know what kind of services furniture movers offer. After reading this article, feel free to get the best furniture movers […]

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Best places for singles in Chicago
a girl holding a baloon

If you have decided to move soon, and are also in a search of your significant other, then this article is just the thing for you. This time we won’t focus on the moving process itself, but rather on where in Chicago you can go as a single person. As far as the moving process […]

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Moving House Checklist

Moving your home can be made simpler with a good moving house checklist! And we are here to help you make one with ease. With the help of this checklist and our US Moving Experts website, you will organize your relocation with ease. Not only that, but you will be able to locate and hire professional movers […]

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How to file a claim against a moving company
a person writing

Sometimes when we’re moving accidents do happen. Although they don’t happen often, you would still want to know what to do in that situation. That is why we’re going to tell you how to file a claim against a moving company. In that way, you can protect yourself and your belongings in the best way […]

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How to Store Musical Instruments in Your Storage Unit
You need to Store Musical Instruments in Your Storage Unit to keep them safe

Be it that you’re a professional or just someone who loves playing an instrument from time to time, you want your stuff to be in top-notch condition. For that reason, we have decided to help you out. Here are just some tips we at the US Moving Experts can give you on how to store […]

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Save by Moving In Off Peak Season
Jar with coins.

Moving is something everyone has to face at least once in their life. However, there are different types of experiences depending on how you prepare for the move. Moreover, it can be quite costly. In this article, we will help you find out how to save by moving in off peak season and what that […]

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Guide to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago
Avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago

It’s finally time to move and it’s only a matter of what company will be hired for the job. The moving industry is generally very trust-worthy because of the nature of the work. However, there are always moving companies that will try to scam you. That’s why we at US Moving Experts Chicago decided to […]

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The Cost of Moving a Pool Table
Man playing a game of pool before he finds out about the cost of moving a pool table

Moving can be costly in general. And when you factor in that you need special items like pianos or pool tables to move it can become pricey. The tables themselves are very heavy and big so it’s definitely not an easy task. For that reason, we at US Moving Experts have decided to tell you […]

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Which Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups?
Chicago architecture

You are moving to Chicago? Good to hear! But you should know that a moving project is standing between you and your dreams. You must work on your moving logistics, pack, and find the US moving experts that will help you relocate safely. Chicago neighborhoods are best for startups and you should start looking for […]

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