Moving House Checklist

Moving your home can be made simpler with a good moving house checklist! And we are here to help you make one with ease. With the help of this checklist and our US Moving Experts website, you will organize your relocation with ease. Not only that, but you will be able to locate and hire professional movers […]

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How to compare commercial moving companies in Chicago
The US Moving Experts is one of the best commercial moving companies in Chicago

Moving has become a need and stress for everyone. Be it that you want to move down the street or out of state it still makes you worry a lot. Especially when it comes to moving your office or business. That’s why we at the US Moving Experts have decided to help you out. Picking […]

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Tips for college students living in Chicago
a girl on computer

Sometimes, moving as a student can be really difficult if you don’t know where to begin. With all the preparations you need to do, it is easy to make a mistake and prolong your relocation. That is why we at US Moving Experts decided to write a good guide you can use on relocating as a […]

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How to file a claim against a moving company
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Sometimes when we’re moving accidents do happen. Although they don’t happen often, you would still want to know what to do in that situation. That is why we’re going to tell you how to file a claim against a moving company. In that way, you can protect yourself and your belongings in the best way […]

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How to Store Musical Instruments in Your Storage Unit
You need to Store Musical Instruments in Your Storage Unit to keep them safe

Be it that you’re a professional or just someone who loves playing an instrument from time to time, you want your stuff to be in top-notch condition. For that reason, we have decided to help you out. Here are just some tips we at the US Moving Experts can give you on how to store […]

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Most instagrammable places in Chicago
View of the most instagrammable places in Chicago from above

Coming to a new city comes with many challenges, especially a big one like Chicago. From housing, packing and unpacking there are many problems you need to overcome. However, there are parts of your life you’re overlooking and that’s your socials. That’s why we at the US Moving Experts have decided to give you a […]

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Save by Moving In Off Peak Season
Jar with coins.

Moving is something everyone has to face at least once in their life. However, there are different types of experiences depending on how you prepare for the move. Moreover, it can be quite costly. In this article, we will help you find out how to save by moving in off peak season and what that […]

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Guide to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago
Avoid fraudulent moving companies in Chicago

It’s finally time to move and it’s only a matter of what company will be hired for the job. The moving industry is generally very trust-worthy because of the nature of the work. However, there are always moving companies that will try to scam you. That’s why we at US Moving Experts Chicago decided to […]

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Organizing Business Inventory in Storage
Workers help organizing business inventory in storage

People usually forget about one of the most parts of a business, available space. That’s why today we want to talk about organizing business inventory in storage. As a company that works in the moving industry, US moving experts believe we can give you some advice on how to optimize the use of it. Only […]

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Winter storage mistakes people tend to make

People often make mistakes when storing their belongings. And if they choose to store during the winter period, then they need to know how to do it properly. Not only that, avoiding storage mistakes during winter is very important. It is the only way to know your items are being safely stored after you transport them […]

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