When you have a lack of supplies and money it’s always a good idea to look at the best ways to minimize moving costs as you can save more than you can think. However, the quality of your move should never suffer at the expense of a handful of dollars. That’s why we from the US Moving Experts are here to give you a hand with successfully saving money and relocating at the same time. Here are just some things you need to pay attention to when moving on a budget.

Choosing the right date is among the best ways to minimize moving costs

When you’re moving, be it down the street or across the US, you need to have a good plan. And for a good plan, you’ll need some time. Depending on the distance and how big your move really is you’ll need to schedule movers sooner or later. For example, our local movers Chicago can organize a move in a week or even days, however, an interstate or commercial relocation might need several months to get planned and organized. Always remember that you wouldn’t like to get something on short notice at your job. So why put the movers through such stress? Call them up on time and your move will be done perfectly.

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Choosing the right time is among the best ways to minimize moving costs

Get as many moving quotes as possible

One of the ways to save money is to pick and choose from different moving companies. The best way to do so is to get as many moving quotes as possible. There you’ll be able to look at everything the movers will do for you and at what price. Don’t forget long-distance movers and local movers do different things at different prices. Always read through every small detail in the moving quote. You don’t want an unpleasant surprise after you signed everything. Don’t think just think about the price.

One of the best ways to minimize moving costs is to pack by yourself

At certain times you just can’t afford every service that a moving company has to offer. For that reason, and in order to save more money, a good idea is to pack by yourself. It might be difficult and dull at moments, but by following certain techniques online and giving your best we’re sure that you will be able to safely pack all your belongings. Unfortunately, some bigger items might pose a challenge, but if you have someone with the experience who can help you out it’s a great start. Obviously certain furniture and larger items will also need some special tools to get disassembled and assembled. We want you to save money, but not so much that you ruin something. If you see something that is too big of a challenge just call professionals for that item.

A man packing
Get the packing done by yourself

Save on your supplies

Before you can start thinking of packing yourself you need to get all the supplies needed for it. For that reason, it’s time to get creative and start looking for packing supplies all over town. Firstly we advise you to go around shops and retail stores as they have a number of moving boxes always available. However, our residential movers will tell you that getting boxes for free online is also an option, but they will probably be of a lesser quality than those found in stores. For that reason, be careful where you get your boxes and make sure they are all stable. Other supplies you can get online or even at some special stores.

Take care of the moving insurance

Even though insurance seems like an additional cost, it can save you later on. However, depending on what you’re moving you can choose from different types of insurance. From the starter pack and insurance that only partially covers your belongings to full insurance, you have a lot of options available. Of course, if you move items that are more expensive you can’t risk it and go without insurance. On the other hand, sometimes opting for insurance that partially covers your items. It isn’t a strain on your budget and will at least cover some of your damages in case of a mishap.

Can some of your expenses be deducted from taxes?

Depending on where you live and how much your expenses are, you can even request to get some of your money back, by deducting them from taxes. Of course, you can’t get all the money back, but in case of any additional fees and services, it isn’t out of the ordinary for such a thing to happen. However, make sure that you check out all the laws and regulations in your state, as in recent years more and more states have made it so that moving expenses can’t be tax-deductible.

Tax return
Check out if you’re eligible for a tax deduction

Decluttering is one of the best ways to minimize moving costs

To get the best value for your move you need first to get rid of all the additional items that you don’t use. It will cost you less time and money be it that you’re moving by yourself or with a moving company. That’s why it’s a good time to start recycling old furniture, donating old clothes, or even selling some old appliances. This will mean fewer items in a moving truck and an incredibly easier packing and unpacking process. Your back and wallet will be thankful for decluttering your home.

Make sure that your budget can handle all the services that are essential to your relocation. There’s no point in saving a small amount of money when you can’t do something by yourself. We’ve already talked about packing as something that people don’t like doing. However, if you can do it yourself it can be among the best ways to minimize moving costs. In the end, the most important thing is to have a balance between your needs and the budget. Only by doing so can you really get the best out of your move.

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