Making a decision to move to a new location is the first step and the hardest step for seniors. Hence, congratulations, the hardest part is over. The comfort of your old house brings you a sense of safety and familiarity. However, we need to remember that home is where we are. Recognizing your needs and fulfilling them by moving is probably the healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Senior movement becomes much easier and less stressful if we make a plan and follow it.

Start choosing your new home on time

There is no need to rush, once you make a decision to move, start thinking about what obstacles you may encounter and how to avoid them successfully. Don`t be afraid of spending a few hours a day planning the senior movement. As long as you focus on the positive side of the movement, the planning will not become a burden. Here are the things to have in mind.

The design of the new house

Think about what you dislike in your current house that you want to be changed in your new house. For starters, choosing a smaller house for senior movement is spot-on as you do not want to spend your days having to clean a large house or apartment. It is time-consuming, it takes away a lot of your energy and it can be dangerous. Here are a few tips on choosing a house in which seniors can feel relaxed and safe:

  • No staircases – If the apartment is in a building, there should be an elevator. A house with no staircases is easily accessible and you do not have to worry about possible falls.
  • No bathtub – A much better solution is to have a shower, or if you are in a wheelchair a roll-in shower. Easily accessible shower and a shower that can prevent possible falls is saving you time and energy while taking care of your hygiene.
  • Adjustable bed – This kind of bed will provide you with the possibilities to adjust your head and knee positions so that you feel comfortable. A good night of sleep is very important, and if you need to stay in bed during the day, you will not have to re-adjust your pillows and blankets all the time.
  • Kitchen – A smaller kitchen with lower cabinets is spot-on as you will not have to struggle to take a bowl from high above.
  • No roads nearby – If possible, the location of a new house should not be near any bigger roads, as the noise from the cars can keep you awake at night and if the house is isolated from this there will be no exhaust fumes and pollution will be reduced.

    An easily accessible entrance to the house
    The entrance to your house should be easily accessible


Your new house should be located in the way that all of the important institutions are nearby. Make sure you do not have to walk a lot before you can reach a Community Health Center, a post office, a park, a bakery or your friends. This is beneficial in many ways. No matter where you go, you will always know that you are near your home, so if you get tired you can come back and rest. Also, it will be much easier for you to adjust to the new surroundings after the senior movement and feel comfortable because everything will soon be familiar to you.

Social life and recreation

Being active in retirement is a great thing, now you will have the time to dedicate just to yourself in your new home. Some of the most beneficial activities for adults include walking, board games, and exercises. You will keep your body and your mind active, prevent boredom and depression and strengthen your muscles, as well.  Before you move, find out whether there is a park near you and or any senior centers that you can join.

Playing chess with your friends
Playing board games with your friends is good for your health

Say goodbye to your old house

Once you have chosen a house that will fit your needs, you need to say goodbye to your old house.

Cancel subscriptions

You should cancel all subscriptions to magazines that you have been receiving on a monthly basis, or redirect them to your new address. You should also cancel the Internet and cable TV so that you do not receive double bills. Inform your friends and family, as well as the post office of your new address. You can do this one week before you move.

Throw away all the necessary things

We tend to collect things throughout our whole lives as they remind us of dear people, events and make for great memories. Once the time has come to move them aside, we feel as if we have been robbed of our memories. Look at it from the following perspective, you are making space for new opportunities in your life and a lot more great memories. Downsizing your home is a necessary step towards senior movement, so do not be sorry to throw away the clothes you no longer wear, donate them to charity. If you have a lot of photo albums it would be great if you can use one large photo album or ask some of your relatives to save the photos on your computer. They will be easily accessible and take up a lot less space.

Ask for help or hire it

Bear in mind that you are not alone, ask your relatives to help you with packing and moving, they will be happy to assist you. It is very important to avoid injuries on a moving day.

If, on the other hand, you want to save yourself and your relatives the trouble, choose a reliable company for your moving service and let them make it easier for you.

The man is making senior movement plans with a moving company agent
Hiring a moving company for senior movement is a great choice

Throw a senior movement party

Invite your friends and relatives over for tea or coffee. Remember all the good times you spent together in your house, take a moment to cherish the life you had in it before you move on.

Give yourself time to adjust to the new changes, surround yourself with people and go for a walk, and remember senior movement is not as scary as it may first appear to be. You are moving into a new, improved life which fits your needs better. Enjoy it.



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