Moving with a family can be very demanding. Undoubtedly, your relocation process will require a lot of planning. Finding the perfect home for your family is not always easy. Differing from most the cities, Chicago will certainly have a lot to offer. In fact, you will find many Chicago neighborhoods for families. Many of Chicago’s neighborhoods are excellent for family life, so don’t worry. You just need to find the one that best suits you and your family members’ needs. The next step you need to take is about picking an affordable moving company. How to find a cheap, but still reliable moving company? With our advice, you will save a lot of energy that you can spend to choose the Best Chicago neighborhood for your family.

Moving to Chicago with family – what you should know

As we know how difficult and demanding a relocation process can be, we highly recommend hiring a good moving company. If you don’t have enough time, you can hire full-service movers Chicago. You will be surprised by the spectrum of services they can offer. 

Chicago neighborhoods for families.
There are many beautiful Chicago neighborhoods for families.

 Absolutely cleaner than New York, more beautiful than Los Angeles, the Windy City is the right place for you. For sure, you will find the best neighborhood and apartment where you can raise your children. Moreover, here are some guidelines that you should follow:

  • Include your whole family in choosing a new neighborhood to live;
  • Talk to your children and consult them;
  • Choose the right school that has after school activities that they enjoy;
  • Make sure every member of your family agrees about the new place to live.

What can you expect from the best Chicago neighborhoods for families?

More than half of Chicago’s areas will attract you because of a lot of green space. Especially parks for kid-friendly entertainment and outdoor play areas.

Park in Chicago
Many parks in Chicago will attract your family members.

Chicago also has many zoos, aquariums, world-class museums, and art galleries. You will be satisfied with great family membership deals. It is absolutely possible to find right for you in one of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods in nine districts. Indeedthere are many top schools and universities in Chicago, which is one of the most important facts for your children’s education. Many neighborhoods attract families of all ages because of their proximity to good public schools.  Before any decision, safety and crime levels have to be considered.

Some of the top family neighborhoods in Chicago

Clearly, you need to choose between many amazing neighborhoods. There are some pretty compelling reasons why young families decide for these Chicago neighborhoods:

  • West Loop – a rapidly-growing neighborhood, with award-winning preschools. If you think about taking acting classes at the Chicago Children’s Theatre.
  • South Loop is a well – known as a great place to start a family.
  • Lincoln Park – a very safe and quiet area. The lakefront trail and beaches, Lincoln Park Zoo, Kids City, Kids Science Lab.
  • Lakeshore East – the central downtown location makes it one of the best neighborhoods for families.
  • River North – a vibrant neighborhood in the center of the action, ideal for young families.
  • Beverly – this South Side neighborhood is known for its vibrant community and historic architecture. Just 30 minutes south of the city’s center, often with enclosed yards perfect for letting children run carefree.

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