There is nothing better than to spend a whole day this autumn in one of the many parks you can visit in Chicago. It will make you forget about all the stress gathered while you were preparing for the move. US Moving Experts presents you with our top amazing Chicago parks you should visit after the move. After reading this article, you can plan where you can go.

One of the amazing Chicago parks you can visit is Ping Tom Memorial Park

This magnificent waterfront park is huge! It stretches along the Chicago River and goes the middle of Chinatown. It was once a railroad yard, but it was then turned into a beautiful green place covering over 17 acres of land. That is something amazing to behold! Once you are done moving with residential movers Chicago, this should be the first place you visit. You will be thrilled to spend your day here.

Ping Tom Memorial Park as one of the Amazing Chicago parks
Ping Tom Memorial Park is one of the Amazing Chicago parks

Maggie Daley Park

It is just next to Millennium Park. And it is covering over 20 acres of land. It is also close to the waterfront. This is one of the most popular parks for children because it offers a lot of activities for them. And one of the best is the mini-golf course. It is made out of mini buildings and landmarks from the town. Here you can have a wonderful time once you are finished comparing storage units. It will take a lot of stress out of you.

South Shore Cultural Center Park

Want to enjoy a beautiful day at a lakefront park? Over amazing 65 acres of greenery is waiting for you just to enjoy beautiful nature. It is considered a landmark that is being maintained by Chicago. There are many cultural programs you can follow. And they include people of all ages. Why not come here and enjoy music, visual arts, dance, and many other special events.

people enjoying events at a park
South Shore Cultural Center Park has a lot of events

Burnham Park is one of the most amazing Chicago parks

It goes for 6 miles by the shore of Lake Michigan. The harbor takes the shoreline and it stretches all along to 22nd Street. It is a wonderful place where people often go to spend a quality afternoon. You can also find places where you can have a picnic. But first, learn what are the best picnic meals you can make for your trip. Who knows, you might surprise your significant other with your skills. Or have a wonderful date.

Now that you know some amazing Chicago parks, you can visit them after the move. We are really happy if you found this article interesting and informative. And if you wish to find out more about the moving process, you can read our blog. It contains more than enough information to make your move feel like breeze.

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