The advice you need before thinking of relocation is something you should write down or memorize. There are so many things that you need to take care of. You are already creating the famous bucket list in regards to transport during the move or packing. Everyone is thinking only about the actual move but not before or after. This is the mistake you want to avoid if you don’t want to have leftovers in the fridge on the day of the move. Or if you don’t want to forget your diploma or a dog’s medical record. So, keep reading and check what else you do need.

Family-advice you need before thinking of relocation

Yes, you know how to organize your move, how about some advice you need before thinking of relocation? There are many types of relocation and one of them is the family one. The big one. Whether it’s with the seniors or small kids, you have to think for them. They also have specific needs that you need to take care of. If you have decided where you want to move, talk to your family. Usually one thinks that if the relocation is good because of the carrier, everyone else will think the same. Yet, what will the relocation present for your kids? New school, new friends, new environment. This is just some part of the relocation that you need to prepare your kids.  Explain why you are all moving in the first place and what the benefits of the move are for them.

Family advice you need before thinking of relocation
Take all opinions into consideration.

Prepare the kids for new teachers or for the new weather. That’s another advice you need before thinking of relocation. The more they know, they will feel more relaxed. In the meantime, they will even want to participate in packing. When moving on a short notice you need to know how to do it right. So, have everything ready and check if there’s something you might’ve forgotten. Take all the documents for the children, let them pack their favorite toys or books. Take them for a visit to the new place, let them feel how it is like. As well, talk with your partner, so what are the options that you have. Would you like to do it on your own or do you want to hire professionals?  Packing that piano or fine art will be interesting. If you live with seniors, present the options to them as well.

How about utilities? The unconditional advice you need before thinking of relocation

On a moving day, you need tips on how to organize it. But, before that, you need to defrost the fridge and to cancel your magazine subscriptions. Then, there goes the internet, water, electricity among others. You should think about changing the address as well. These are usually the things people forget and regret later on. Or asking their neighbors to take the post for them… Of course, when they are available. So, be smart enough and write all this down. Check with the institutions what the procedure when disconnecting utilities is. How long in advance you need to notify them? Is there a fee if you’re too late? You know this can take several days. If you’re lucky enough, do it online. See if that option is possible and have all the solutions in a couple of clicks. Don’t get distracted by the TV shows.

Another advice you need before thinking of relocation-utilities part.
Have the utilities disconnected on time

Your mobile provider may offer you a better option for the region where you’re moving. What is the next advice you need before thinking of relocation? How about the parking permit? When you move to a new location, you will want to have the parking permit with you. On time. Don’t wait for any penalties to come to your new doorstep. The same goes for the gas. Create one sheet and place all of your questions related to utilities. Ask your friends or family for advice how to shut off utilities in your old home. They may give you some heads-up and help you avoid the problems that they had. When you have the utilities covered, create some more sheets. What about the gym? Have one box just for the papers you need. Among them, there should be medical records of one more member of your family, your pet.

Prepare the pet-advice you need before thinking of relocation

Preparing your pet is another piece of advice you need before thinking of relocation. Visit the vet. See if everything is ok with the pet and if there is something extra that you need to do. Explain to the vet that you are thinking about relocation. He/She will give advice related to the transportation of the pet. If you have a dog or cat, bird, snake or fishes, you need to be prepared. Each and every one of them has their own specific needs and you cannot generalize. Maybe the medicines are different in the state/country where you are going to. So, another sheet with questions related to pets. If possible, take him/her with you while checking the new place. Get him familiar with the place as well. Think well if you would like to have the pet with you on the day of the relocation.

Is dog’s favorite toy packed? Advice you need before thinking of relocation
He will want to smell everything.

Pet will most likely cause a distraction during the move, ask your friend to keep it for a day or two. One more advice you need before thinking of relocation-checked. Always check if he/she has enough water and pack his favorite toy. Pay attention to latches and locks in the new house. Put plastic covers on sharp corners. If you must ship your pet, check what the options are. Then you can enjoy your new place.

With these questions covered, you should be able to have an idea about the advice you need before thinking about relocation. Some of them will help you immediately and others will make you start thinking about what else you need? Prepare the food for the moving day for everyone. Take a lot of pictures!

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