Moving to Chicago during holidays can be extremely stressful and chaotic. It might not be the perfect time for relocating, but it’s possible. The upside is having a fresh start and entering the new year in your new home. The key to a smooth move during the winter season is having a detailed plan. You should try to prepare for it as much as possible. Also, professional movers Chicago will help you relocate with ease, even during holidays. Learn more about how to prepare for a seamless move to Chicago while also enjoying the holiday season!

Plan your calendar in time when moving to Chicago during holidays

Since winter time and holidays are an extra busy period, planning your calender in time is helpful. Mark off the dates on your calendar when you can’t move, due to events you cant cancel. You should also write down dates when you will have more free time for packing and other moving errands. This will help you feel more organized and therefore less stressed.

A holiday-themed calendar
Plan your relocation in detail when moving to Chicago during holidays.

Aim to move after Christmas

The week after Christmas is when most people are spending time with their families and celebrating. It is a relaxing time that most people are spending at home. This makes moving right after Christmas perfect, as it is a less busy relocating period than the rest of the holiday season. Additionally, it can be easier to book quality cross country movers Chicago during this time, as there are fewer people relocating.

Use holiday sales to buy moving supplies

An upside to moving during the holiday season is that there are sales everywhere. Relocation can be pretty costly, especially if you’re hiring professional movers. However, sales like Black Friday and Christmas sales will allow you to find a lot of packing and moving supplies at discount prices. You should consider making a list of everything you need for the move and wait on holiday sales before buying them. On the other hand, you might want to consider professional packing services, so you could fewer things to do before moving. Some of the moving supplies to buy:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Dollies
  • Tape
  • Gloves
  • Sliders, etc.
Black Friday shopping bags
Holiday sales are the best time to buy moving supplies.

Be prepared for unexpected delays when moving to Chicago during holidays

Unfortunately, some parts of your move are out of your control. Weather is one of those things. No matter how much you plan, snow storms and bad weather conditions can potentially cause delays. This is why it is important to stay as flexible as you can in case something happens. Even with quality residential movers Chicago, holds in transport due to bad weather can occur.

Pack Christmas decorations last

Moving to Chicago during holidays shouldn’t keep you from decorating your home. It is a special time of the year, especially if you have kids, and decorating may be an important part of the holiday celebration. The best possible solution if doable, would be to decorate with items you won’t be bringing to your new home. If you want to bring your belonging with you, make sure to have a box ready and pack decorations last. This will allow you to enjoy the Christmas spirit and still move successfully! Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays in the wonderful city of Chicago!

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