It is well known that moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Add pets into the process, and everyone’s blood pressure, including your dog’s or cat’s, will most likely rise. Your pets are priceless, but packing them up can be tricky. Along with the decision about the move, you should carefully consider how you’ll transport your four-legged family members to your new home. Moving long distance with pets requires help. Unfortunately, pets can’t understand our words about the upcoming long distance move. All you can do is prepare as well as possible and hope for their best behavior. As they mean a lot to you, put an effort to let them know what is going on. Most likely, they will feel what is happening. That means it is up to you to get them ready for the move and help them acclimate once they arrive.

Preparations for moving long distance with pets

Moving is never easy. It is because there are too many tasks that affect all aspects of our lives. If there is any failure, every member of your family will feel that. Of course, our little pets are our family too and they know when something going wrong. Consequently, every move requires careful planning and organization. For that reason, our long distance movers Chicago compiled their knowledge into this practical guide for moving interstate with pets. But, these tips and tricks are applicable almost every time you need to move with your little friends. Whether you’re moving across town or across the world, follow these expert tips for keeping your dogs and cats safe.

Before you start packing for moving long distance with pets

Did you ever move to another country? If you did, you know how many help you were hired. Moreover, it takes around two or three months to prepare for long distance moving. But if you own a pet now, you mustn’t forget to prepare him for this journey. You should start planning for your pets long before moving day, at the same time as for the rest of the family members. Besides, it is recommendable to contact the best moving companies Chicago for determining your moving date. Importantly, when making a deal with your movers don’t forget to tell them that you are a pet owner. They will provide you with advice on preparing what it takes to move abroad with your pets.

How to prepare your pets for long-distance moving?

The first thing you want to do before you move long distance is to get in touch with your vet. Ask for copies of health records of your pet as well as proof that your pet is up-to-date on any vaccinations. You have to take this information to your new vet. Also, this could be useful if you plan to stay overnight in a pet-friendly hotel on your way to your new home.

Help your kitten adjust to upcoming changes.

Perhaps you want to talk to your vet about the option to sedate your pet during the trip. Don’t forget to always talk to your veterinarian before administering any medication. Another thing to consider is car sickness, so talk to your vet about options to solve this. The second thing that you need to check is the documents for your pet. Place them right behind yours and there will be no mess and haste while crossing borders.

When packing home, remember to prepare all your pet’s items and toys. Moving internationally with kids means you need to prepare their things and belongings. The same is when it comes to moving internationally with pets. You will need to take effort and keep them satisfied.

Plan everything in advance

As you pack the entire household, keep in mind that pets, especially cats, are wary of changes in their environments. To help them ease the transition, bring the moving boxes in early and let them get accustomed to the packing supplies. Purchase properly supplies from Amazon and label the box with items for your pets. Leave one room mostly intact until the last minute so your pets can have a familiar “safe space” to escape the moving chaos.

A Practical Guide for Moving Long Distance with Pets
Remember to prepare their documents on time.

Finally, select ahead a veterinarian in your new town. Along with, have your pet’s medical records transferred over. In addition to your primary care practice, identify a 24-hour emergency center before arriving. If something goes wrong and in case your pet suffers trauma or a health complication during the move, you don’t want to waste time looking for the nearest facility.

Also, when you are searching to rent or buy a new home, it is important to consider if the space is appropriate for your pet. Will your senior dog be able to handle the stairs of a third-floor walk-up? You might not need a yard, but is your beloved dog prepared to give it up?

Understand the risks of moving with your pet

In some situations, it may not be possible for your pet to travel with you comfortably. In such a case, you may be wondering about the best way to ship a pet cross-country. Ground transportation services are one option if you are relocating with pets. Nonetheless, these can be costly, stressful for your pet, and possibly even dangerous, so be sure to think twice. There is no rush and hurry when it comes to the safety of your little friends.

Dog and boy
Our pets mean so much to us.

When to hire professional pet movers?

In some cases, you might consider hiring a professional pet shipper. What is that mean? If you are moving to a different country and unable to travel with your pet, or are simply wary of paperwork, a professional can alleviate much of the stress of moving animals. Pet movers offer a wide variety of services and they give their best to keep your pets safe and sound. If you use a pet moving company to transport and handle your pet, make sure they are registered and insured. Maybe it sounds a little extravagant, but that last thing that you want is something bad happen to your beloved friend. Contact us and will find a way to make your moving long distance with pets trouble-free. Together we will find the best solution.

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