Having to move an office is very tricky. Especially if you have in mind that you’re relocating overseas. For that reason, it’s important to know every single part of the process like the back of your hand. That’s where we from the US Moving Experts want to jump in and help you with our guide on shipping office items overseas in order to make it easier for you. There are no shortcuts, but if you do your work we’re sure it will go smoothly.

Before you start shipping office items overseas make a list

Even an overseas move starts with good organization and planning. For that reason, it’s a good idea to make a list of items you’ll need to take with you. There are surely some broken furniture or old documents that you can digitize or recycle. It’s not a problem for international movers to move them also, but it’s just a waste of money and you’ll probably have to throw those items away at some point. So why do it in your office overseas when you can do it now? Of course, on top of any list should be the most important items. For example, IT equipment is invaluable not only for its high price but also for the data it holds. Don’t forget to take extra care when shipping those items to the new location.

A blank piece of paper
Create a good plan before shipping office items overseas

Choose the way you want your items shipped

Depending on the time you want it to arrive and the overall budget you’ll have different types of shipping available to you. If you’re in a big hurry and you’re out of time, the best way is to ship your belongings by airplane. However, our expert long-distance movers in Chicago can tell you that it’s the most expensive route. Especially if you have low air traffic in mind because of the pandemic. Of course, there aren’t only expensive routes for you to go down. One of those is certainly shipping by sea. That’s the cheapest way to ship your goods, but also the way that will take you the longest time.

Don’t hesitate when shipping office items overseas

The more you wait the bigger the problem will grow. That’s true for any type of move and relocation. So why would it be any different for your office overseas move? That’s why you need to act the moment you’ll be sure that you’re moving your office. Thankfully, there are always professionals to help you out. For example, our commercial movers Chicago have helped thousands of businesses relocate. It’s not unheard of them to help offices move internationally. So when you need a good solution you can always get in touch with them. But time is of the essence so try to be as fast as you can in doing so.

A mn packing
Don’t think that time is your ally

Compare shipping company quotes

Before you make any move you need to get the best service and price. You don’t want the cheapest company to take care of such a big task for you, but you also don’t want to waste your whole budget.  The best way to approach this problem is to get as many quotes as you can. Having in mind that not every company does international office moves, you can limit yourself between a number of 5 and 10 companies you’ll choose. However, the main thing is not the price when you look at the quotes. There’s also a part where they write you about the services they will provide you with for that amount of money. Be very wise and choose the option that fits you best. Shipping office items overseas isn’t easy, but with the right information, it can be less stressful.

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need

Any type of move or relocation can be the perfect opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items. Be it that it’s old furniture or documents that have been in the office for ages you need to do something about them. And now is the perfect moment to do so. You can always show the good side of your business and donate furniture, or get your coworkers around and ask them about what they don’t want to see in the new overseas office. You’ll be surprised how people can be open when they talk about the things they don’t like. Use this opportunity also to stop the items that were cluttering the old office to make the trip overseas and create the same problems in the new one.

A garbage bin logo
Maybe it’s time to get rid of certain items in your office

Check out all the rules and regulations for shipping overseas

Depending on where you’re shipping your office items you’ll have certain restrictions. Certain countries don’t allow IT equipment from specific companies, globally you’re not allowed to ship flammable objects or other hazardous materials. Those rules are in place in order to create safe transportation for everybody’s shipments. And you as a business need to respect them as well. The best way to know about regulations is to first know where you’re shipping the items. Of course, you can ask the country’s regulators if you have doubts about what you can and can’t ship. In the end, the company that’s doing the job for you can and should have the information for you too. So they can be the easiest way to help you with shipping do’s and don’ts.

Every type of move has its own rules. Some are easier and some harder to follow but in the end, with the right moving company everything gets done in no time. Especially when you have a big challenge like an international commercial move. From shipping your office items overseas to getting everything in order when it’s time to relocate, it takes a lot of energy and time. That’s why we hope that our advice will make your process easier and more streamlined.

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