Moving is never easy, but relocating to a new country is quite the leap. You will be surrounded by new people, traditions, and customs. Moving will take time and effort, so you should be 100% sure you like the place you are moving to. Sadly, this can only be done after relocating. But before you hire our Illinois movers, we strongly recommend you learn about moving to Chicago from abroad. These tips will make your life easier.

What should you know before moving to Chicago from abroad?

Living in America is a dream for many people, and some make it true. But before you embark on the journey to another country, you must know what to expect. Some important things to keep in mind when relocating to Chicago from abroad are:

  • Americans are very focused on work – residents of the USA are often characterized as workaholics. Their work-focused lifestyle is globally famous and is something to prepare for. There will be fewer holidays than you might be used to.
  • You will have to fix a lot of paperwork – the green card might be the most famous document for foreigners, but you won’t even need it in some cases. The passport and the visa are the must-haves, alongside birth and academic certificates. When moving with our international movers Chicago trusts, we always recommend keeping these documents at hand.
  • Medical insurance is a must – the expensive healthcare system in the USA is not a joke, and insurance is something you’ll have to pay out of your pocket. This can be pretty shocking if you come from a country with state-sponsored healthcare.
Picture of a couple getting ready for moving to Chicago from abroad
The USA is quite different compared to other countries.

Chicago is a great place for foreigners

Chicago is the heart of Illinois, which 2.697 million people call home. 18% of the population are immigrants, people from all around. If they managed to settle and make a life there, why should you? The first thing you need to do after hiring some commercial movers Chicago offers is to get to know the place.

What are the good sides of moving to Chicago?

Many people live in Chicago, and more decide to make it their new home daily. This wouldn’t be possible if Chicago didn’t offer many good sides. Some of the best ones are:

  • You can find the best train system in the country in Chicago – getting around the city is fast and easy, and residents love this. Thanks to this efficient system, owning a car might not even be necessary. Only 72.5% of households own a car, which shows that long-time Chicago residents are learning to live without one. If you want to leave the city limits, you can easily rent one for as long as needed.
  • The Third Coast is in Chicago – this city might not be on the ocean, but Lake Michigan makes having a beach possible! You might not be able to bathe in seawater, but lake water is just as refreshing in the summer.

Chicago also has bad sides to it

If you are about to get ready to help your piano movers Chicago is proud of deal with heavy stuff, get ready to deal with something else that is heavy — the winter in Chicago! It is not called the Windy City for nothing, and to make things worse, it is the windiest in the winter. You can thank Canada and Lake Michigan for this, but there isn’t much you can do aside from getting thick clothes.

Picture of two women on a bench
If you plan on moving to Chicago from abroad, prepare for harsh winters

Final thoughts on moving to Chicago from abroad

Whether you are moving to Chicago from abroad or just moving down the street, a move is a move. You will take your whole life and move it to another location – you cannot expect this to be easy! But according to its residents, the city of Chicago is well worth all the moving fuss.